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Profile page

Let's take the time to detail this page of the application.

Billing details

Here is the information that TPOP will use for billing your orders "print on demand", these details will appear on your invoices.

Language of the application

Here you can choose the language that will be used in the TPOP application (menus, pages...): be careful, this does not affect the language of your store at all.

To change the language of your store, go to the "Manage your store" section

Currency in the application

You can change the currency that will be used in the TPOP product catalog.

This allows you to see the price of each product converted into the currency of your choice. However, please note that you will always be charged in EUR.

Also, this setting does not affect the currency used on your store.

Intra-community VAT

In the European Union, all transactions are subject to a tax called VAT.

It is possible to be invoiced without VAT in the following cases:

  • You are located in a country outside the EU
  • You are located in an EU country (outside France) but you have an intra-community VAT number

In this case, you just have to enter your country code followed by the VAT number (without the country code) in the form, then to register: a control is then carried out with the European database of VAT numbers.

If this number is valid and you meet the criteria, you will be invoiced excluding VAT.

Email and billing preferences

In this section you can :

  • Choose if you want to receive our (great) newsletter
  • Receive an invoice directly in your mailbox, with each order
  • Change the e-mail address to which the invoices will be sent (for your accountant for example)

Note that you can always download your invoices from the orders page.

Password change

If you need to change your TPOP access password, this is the place to do it.

Attention, the modification is irreversible, we will not be able to help you to modify your password, you will have to use the feature "lost password" if it was the case.

Your email

Very simple, this is your email from Login to TPOP.

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