Production management

In your TPOP space, under the "settings" section, there is a link "production options".

Branding options

For each store you will be able to define a lot of options, which will allow you to optimize your brand image.

To you the glory, the notoriety and the vacations at the beach 🏖️

Logo printed on the outside

TPOP offers you the ultimate in print on demand branding: you can personalize your package for free by adding your own logo to it.

The 100% personalized print on demand.

We love you, you know that, so we decided to offer you this great way to work on your brand image (branding): we offer you to put your logo on your packages.

The icing on the cake? This option is free.

Go to the TPOP application, then to the "branding" section: check the box corresponding to the addition of the logo on the package and your customers will discover a beautiful package in their box, proudly displaying your logo.

For your brand image, it counts a lot, the customer is not likely to forget this kind of effort of presentation.

On the package label, the logo is printed in black and white, do not forget it when sending it.

Instructions for your logo

Your logo must be positioned in an image of 800 pixels wide maximum, by 600 pixels high maximum. Remember to "crop" the transparency around it, so that it is as visible as possible.

You can download a model by clicking on this link (remember to remove the explanatory layer).

Image without caption

Personalized message

On each slip (the document included in all packages), a message of your choice will be printed.

By default we will print a message about the ecological benefits of this order, translated according to the destination country. Yes, we do that, because nothing is too good for you.

color dominating your slip

Here you define your favorite color , which will be included on the slip.

Contact and social

Easy: your social networks, listed again on the slip.

✅ Summary regarding slips

The delivery note is important because your customers will have it in their hands: it is important to remind them of your brand and take advantage of it to make a good impression.

It contains all order information, addresses and summary of items included in the package.

  • You can add your logo, free of charge.
  • The price of the items is never listed (in case of a gift), the packing slip does not act as an invoice: we suggest you include the invoice in PDF format in your shipping confirmation email.
  • You can enter the names of your social network accounts and choose the dominant color for the slip.
  • You can insert a personalized message on each slip, which will be printed at the bottom of the slip.
  • It is possible to let your customer add a message himself
  • You can choose your dominant color .
  • The language of the slip is automatically translated according to the country of destination.

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  1. Your contact details: here we use the contact details you have indicated in your preferences. You can enter your address, a phone number and a contact email address.
  2. Your social networks
  3. Your logo: Important, your logo: it will be visible at the top of the slip.
  4. Personalized message: take advantage of this space to thank your customers, to leave them a nice note or to communicate a promotional code. Be careful, this message is different from the customer message, which will be different for each order.
  5. The color dominant: make your slip cheerful by choosing a dominant color that will be carried over to your company name, social media and message. On the examples, we chose a pretty blue. Blue is beautiful.
  6. Your customer's message : you can, upon your customer's request, add a specific message to each order (different from the personalized message, which is the same for everyone).

💡 We thought of everything: this document is translated according to the country of delivery

That's right, we have thought of you, dear users delivering abroad, by translating your slips according to the country of delivery.

5 languages are currently available: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Thus, if you deliver in Spain, it will be translated into Spanish; if you deliver in a country other than French, it will be translated into English.

Example below, with the same slip as above, but with a delivery in France:

Image without caption

Production preferences

Minimum delay before validation of the order

After an order is placed, we wait by default a minimum of 24 hours before sending it to production, so that your customers can modify it.

You can shorten this time from the Plus subscription, using the drop-down list.

🔥 Please note that this time frame is not a guarantee of shipment: it means that if possible we will process your order faster.

Marking of the collar

A great option. Really, it's a great option.

For a fee of 2.5 EUR (excl. VAT), you can request the printing of your personalized collar on compatible products.

When creating or editing an already created product, select "mark neck" and that's it.

If you have a TPOP subscription, you will have the possibility to create up to 3 different collars (useful for some events or some products colors ).

Adding a customer message

When placing an order on your store, on the shopping cart page, your customers have the possibility to leave a note, a message.

🎁 This option is free

The purpose of this space is to let your customers add a little note on the document accompanying each order (the slip): this way, if it is a gift, the person receiving the package will appreciate the surprise even more.

💡 This option is different from the custom message, which is set in your TPOP account settings (branding, with colors and logos) and is used to highlight your brand.

The customer message should only be filled in when your customer has asked you to leave a note.

To add a message, it's very simple, go to your list of orders in your TPOP space and add the message in the dedicated space.

Image without caption

Your packing slip will then look like this:

Image without caption

Technical constraints

  • The message must be a maximum of 160 characters
  • Emojis or non-alpha-numeric characters will not be printed
  • The addition of a message is possible as long as your order is not in production

Activate the "notes from orders" option in your store

For Etsy and WooCommerce, the "order notes" option is enabled by default.

To add the notes option with your Shopify store:

Activate order notes on your cart page

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