Postal follow-up of orders

To track your orders, you need to use our platform (Shopify / WooCommerce / Etsy tracking is not necessarily up to date).

Go to the list of your orders and click on the order you want to track.

Click on "orders" and then on the order's store, then on "Order details".

You will find the tracking number once the order has been shipped.

💡 Please keep in mind that it may take up to 48 hours (in business days) after the order is shipped to activate tracking.

Beware, concerning the follow-up, it can sometimes be inaccurate:

Your packages may already be in your box while the tracking indicates that the package has just been picked up.

A little tip: if you are unable to track an order at destination via the French post office website, we invite you to enter the tracking number received on the post office tracking website of the destination country (Bpost for an order delivered in Belgium, Deutsche Post for an order delivered in Germany, etc.).

Please contact us via the chat in the application only if your package has been shipped for more than 21 days.

If your order is shown as shipped in your TPOP dashboard but your tracking number is not added to your shop order, this may be for 2 reasons:

  • You have closed (processed) the order manually
  • You have configured your shop to automatically process orders. We will not be able to update the order with tracking if we (TPOP) have not closed the order.

Package marked "delivered" not received

The carrier's tracking indicates that the package has been delivered to the recipient, but your customer says he has not received it:

TPOP does not cover the shipping of a new package.

The tracking of the carrier is authentic: if the package is marked "delivered" there is no possible recourse.

Very often the parcel will have been dropped off at a neighbor's house or the customer does not have a standard box: in this case, your customer should be advised to go to the nearest post office, with his tracking number and an ID to retrieve his order.

If the mailbox is not standardized or the package cannot be deposited there (because it contains too many products), it also happens that the postman/deliveryman deposits it at the post office.

If, despite everything, the customer tells you that he has not been able to recover his package, the decision is yours.

You can tell your customer that once the order is indicated as "delivered", you are no longer able to send a new order or you can decide to place a new order manually at your expense.

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