External integrations


Adding / integrating your Shopify store to your TPOP account is quick and easy.

From your TPOP dashboard, click on "Settings" then "Options and external stores".

You can then, under "Connect a platform" add your Shopify store.

You just have to follow the explanations, depending on whether you have already installed the application or not.


Want to sell products created with TPOP on your Etsy store?

Go to your account settings, then "production options".

The direct link to follow

Then click on the "Enable Etsy integration" button.

You will then be redirected to the Etsy access confirmation page (only if you are logged in to Etsy first)

You just have to validate by authorizing the access to your account.

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Hop, it's over, you will now see your Etsy store in the list of connected stores

Now you can push the created products to your Etsy store and the orders will be automatically received and synchronized.

⚠️ Please note: orders Etsy is picked up 3 times a day.

⚠️ Warning: you must not delete the delivery profile of the type "TPOP 16xxxxxxxx" which will be created during the integration of your store

💡If you wish to "force" the synchronization of orders, there is a button for this purpose on the orders list.

1. Your Etsy order does not appear in your TPOP dashboard

Etsy orders is synced 3 times a day. If you do not see your order in your TPOP dashboard, simply wait until the next sync or click on the "Etsy sync" button in your orders list.

If even after synchronization your order does not appear, it is because the product is not recognized: in this case, the reason is the product is modified.

💡 Make sure you never modify the variants (sizes, colors...) of products created with TPOP.

2. Problems with "pushing" (sending) your TPOP product to Etsy

When you send your TPOP products to Etsy, Etsy checks that everything is in order on their end.

If there is a problem, Etsy returns an error message.

Here are some mistakes you may encounter when trying to push a product to your Etsy store:

Error: The user must have a payment template in order to create or update a listing.

This means that your Etsy store is not fully configured: have you added a valid payment method?

Indeed there is a cost on the creation of product files on Etsy (0.20 US$), it is therefore imperative that all your bank details are filled in and valid, otherwise the transaction will fail and therefore your product will not be published.

Customizable products:

With TPOP you have the possibility to make customizable products for your future customers, there is just a slight manipulation to do on your Etsy product sheet to make it functional:

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By activating this option, you are enabling the personalisation of your product.

Error: You must provide either a carrier and mail class or min/max delivery days.

This means that you must indicate a carrier in your delivery profile in your Etsy preferences.

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Don't forget to validate your changes after choosing your carrier.


1-click integration of your WooCommerce shop

The WooCommerce integration allows you to push products created via our platform directly to your WooCommerce shop and thus synchronise orders.

When an order is placed on your store, it is automatically transmitted to us.

You can then follow its status from our platform, in the blink of an eye.

Warning: it may take a few minutes before the order appears in your TPOP panel.

When the order is shipped, we will automatically close the order in your WooCommerce store, which will trigger the shipping email you wrote in your store.

The installation is very simple if you already have your site and your hosting.

The permalinks

Go to the administration panel of your WooCommerce store.

The integration will not work if your permalinks, (the structure of your links) are set to SIMPLE

Choose one of the available options ("Title of the publication" seems to us the most adapted), other than "SIMPLE" then validate.

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Addition of the shop

Now go to the platform panel under "Stores", then click on "Connect a platform" / "WooCommerce".

Enter the complete url (type https://xxx.xxx.xxx) of your shop and validate: you will be redirected to your WooCommerce store to confirm access.

After validation, the store is linked to TPOP.

Easy, isn't it?

Imperative settings for your WooCommerce shop

The WooCommerce integration is quick and easy, in a few clicks you will be able to create your products and receive your orders.

However, it is important to note that:

Your permalinks must be configured properly.

When an order is placed on your store, we will only receive it if it is marked as "in progress".

This is the case for most payment methods, but if you have enabled cash on delivery or a check payment, the order will have a "pending" status in your WooCommerce administration and we will not receive the order.

To echo the previous point, an order placed on your store using a deferred payment will not be taken into account by the application. We recommend that you only allow immediate payments (by credit card or Paypal).

Your hosting must be properly configured for an e-commerce store: sending images to your store is a resource-intensive process. As a result, a low-cost hosting package may not be robust enough to handle the addition of products and images in an automated manner.

If the products are created correctly but the images are not uploaded, you may need to ask your provider to disable "mod_security" for your domain.

Customize the tracking email with WooCommerce

When we indicate an order as shipped, we automatically assign its postal tracking link.

With WooCommerce, this link is added to a note, which will be sent to your customer.

By default, the email related to the notes has the subject "Note added to your order" and the header "A note has been added to your order".

It will be much more meaningful for your customer to receive a personalized message.

Go to "WooCommerce" / "Settings" / "E-mails" / "Customer note" then check "Enable this email notification".

Here is one way to fill in the fields:

Subject : Your order tracking

E-mail header: Link to track your order

Additional content: Click on the link to track your package

WooCommerce troubleshooting

Here are some errors you may encounter when trying to push a product to your WooCommerce shop:

Error: Sorry, you are not allowed to create resources. [woocommerce_rest_cannot_create]

This one means that you have an identification problem: the link between TPOP and your WooCommerce store is broken.

In our platform, go to Stores and click on the Uninstall/Reinstall button.

Check the box Re-install the application and click on the green button to re-establish the link between your store and your TPOP products

JSON ERROR: Syntax error

Please check if you have added the exact url of your store (check www and https).

Example : the url of your store is https://www.shopname.com

If you try to push your products to https://shopname.com (without www) or http://www.shopname.com (http instead of https), it will not work.

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