Management of orders

Billing currency

When an order goes into production, you are automatically invoiced.

TPOP will bill you in Euros (EUR), regardless of the currency defined on your site.

However, by going to your TPOP preferences, you can change the currency in which you want the prices to appear in your TPOP space (as an indication).

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When you change the currency, the price of the products in the application is automatically recalculated, according to the exchange rate between your currency and the EUR.


please note that we have no way to change the currency on your store in case of external integration.

You need to go to the preferences of it (in Shopify / Etsy or WooCommerce) and set the currency of your choice.

When your order goes into production, it will be invoiced to you in EUR, using the exchange rate of the day it goes into production.

If your store is hosted by TPOP (TPOP store), you can change the display currency directly in your preferences.

VAT management

The VAT is a tax collected by the state, incompressible, which varies according to each country.

To know how it will be taken into account during an order:

  • If you are located in a non-European country, you will be invoiced excluding VAT.
  • If your company is located in the European Union (outside France) and you have an intra-community number, you will be invoiced excluding VAT.
  • If you are located in the EU, but do not have an intra-community number, you will be charged 20% VAT.
  • If you are located in France, in all cases, you will be invoiced with 20% VAT: the intra-community VAT number does not apply.

No matter what country you deliver to orders, it's where you are located that counts.

In summary, it is possible to obtain a VAT exemption if you have a company registered in the EU and a valid VAT number or if your company is located outside the EU.

In the TPOP application, under your preferences, you will be able to enter your intra-community VAT number.

Your VAT number will then be checked against the European Commission's VAT number database VIES.

If the number is validated, your orders will be invoiced excluding VAT.

How will TPOP bill me?

When a customer places an order on your e-commerce site, you instantly receive his payment in the traditional way (via Paypal, Stripe...), you keep the total amount of the sale.

By using our print on demand service, when your order goes into production, the rate defined for the product sold is automatically billed to you and debited to the credit card entered in your TPOP account.

On the page "Payment of your orders" you have to enter the credit card on which you want us to debit the amount of TPOP fees of each order.

Here is the typical procedure of a command

1 - Your customer places an order on your store

The latter will pay you the amount of the order directly on the payment method that you will have configured on your store (your Stripe or Paypal account for example).

The total amount of the order will be paid to you (minus the fees of the payment operator/bank).

2 - TPOP puts your order into production

At this precise moment, we will debit the amount necessary for the production and shipment of this order to the credit card you have indicated in your TPOP space.

2 operations will be visible on your bank account

  1. The amount of the sale (e.g. 35 EUR) which you will receive directly to your bank account
  2. The amount of the production + shipping of the products by TPOP which will be debited to your bank account (for example 17 EUR)

💡 Attention

Once the sale amount has been collected by your payment operator, it may take several days before it is sent to your bank account. This delay is specific to each platform.

There will always be a payment, followed by a debit.

The difference between the two is your profit.

Everything is done automatically, to make it as easy as possible for you.

You have the option of printing an invoice for each order processed, in your TPOP space, in the "orders" section.

How do I cancel an order?

Cancelling an order is possible as long as it has not been put into "production" in your dashboard.

We allow a minimum of 24 hours for your order to go into production, so you must intervene during this time.

⚠️ It is important to cancel the order from your TPOP area

To cancel an order, go to your TPOP space.

Click on "orders" and then on the store.

Click on "Order Details".

On the order details page, click on "Cancel Order".

Once the status has been changed to "in production", cancellation of the order is no longer permitted and the order will be invoiced and shipped.

How the monthly discount works

Because we love you, we want to reward your efforts.

That's why we have set up a schedule of discounts when you reach a certain number of sales per month of products in the TPOP catalog: these discounts will allow you to increase your margin.

The tiers are reset on the 1st of each month, a discount will be automatically attributed according to the turnover (number of sales) achieved during the month completed within the TPOP application.

The formula is as follows:

Total amount of orders excluding VAT (TPOP rates) + total amount of shipping costs - total discounts = Total

As mentioned, the rates concerned are the rates that TPOP charges you (they are completely independent of the rates that you offer on your store).

We will then automatically apply the set discount for each order placed in the following month.

Here is the discount table:

Previous month amount Discount
1001 € - 3000 € 5%
3001 € - 5000 € 6%
5001 € - 10000 € 7%
10001 € - 15 000 € 8%
15 001 € - 20 000 € 9%
20 001 € - 50 000 € 10%
> 50 000 € Let's discuss it

If you make more than €50,000 in purchases in a month, contact us to discuss.

Please note that discounts do not apply to orders .

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