Create a page on my store

First, what is a "page"?

A page is an element of your site that allows you to expose informative content to your customers.

This can be your general conditions of sale (mandatory), your contact information, a "about us" page...

💡 The free offer allows you to create 1 page. No limit starting with the PLUS subscription.

How does it work?

Go to "Pages", a list containing your created pages appears.

You can then create a new page, edit one, or delete a page (except the "legal notice").

The page editor

By clicking on "View details", you will have access to :

  • The url of the page (its address)
  • Its display order in the menus: the higher the number, the higher the page goes in the menus
  • Display location: top of page, bottom of page or both
  • Publication: should we publish the page or not
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