Add your own domain name

You already have your own TPOP store ( for example) and you want to move up a gear?

The personalized domain name allows you to increase your notoriety and your reputation at low cost.

The domain name option is available with the PLUS subscription

In order to transform into you will have to proceed to what is called a DNS modification.

It is a technical operation that may seem complex, but it is not.

What are dns?

DNS is like an address book for the Internet. When you type in a web address, DNS translates that address into an IP address, much like a phone book translates names into phone numbers.

The whole Internet is based on IP addresses, so it allows you to "link" (we say "point") your tpopsite store to your own domain name.

The procedure to follow

1. Enter the domain name you wish to use

Enter your own domain name.

If you don't have your own yet, we advise you to use xxx

You only need to enter the domain name, no https:// or www

2. Modification of the DNS

You will have to add / modify 3 dns zones with your provider (where you bought your domain name).

  • A CNAME zone
  • An A zone

Depending on the supplier, the procedure is different: here are the procedures explained for the main suppliers

If you are using Cloudflare, make sure that the Cloudflare proxy is disabled for all DNS records we ask you to add.Make sure the cloud icon is not orange .

The validation of your registrations can take up to 24 hours, so don't panic if your domain is not accessible during this time.

3. Confirmation of the change

Once your DNS records are confirmed, you need to validate the domain name change.

This allows us to completely redesign your store, with great care and love.

4. SSL generation

This step is automatic and can take about ten minutes: it allows the generation of your SSL certificate.

The SSL certificate, in simple terms, is the padlock visible in the address bar, which allows you to secure your store and all transactions.

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