Order blocked, what to do?

What if my order is blocked?

Address problem

Simply correct the shipping address, then click the button to let us know that the address has been changed.

Payment problem

At the time we place your order in production, we attempt to invoice you and collect the amount for the order.

If the payment fails (insufficient funds, ceiling reached, card expired) your order will be marked as blocked and you will receive an email informing you of the situation.

No fee is charged in this case but your order will be processed only when your payment is possible.

In this case, you must take the appropriate steps to solve the problem: you can make the necessary arrangements with your bank or change your card, for example in "Payment method".

To change your card, it's very simple: just enter your new information in the field and validate. Wait a few seconds and that's it.

Retry payment

Once you have done so, you simply click on "Retry Payment" on the orders management page (in the TPOP application).

The process is automatic, no need to contact us: we will try to put your order back into production (be patient, this step may take 1 to 2 days on weekdays).

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