Customize my store

Here you can customize your store as you wish.

It's ultra simple, fast and changes are instantaneous!

Here are the many options you have access to when you don't have a subscription:

  • The choice of colors and secondary of your site
  • The font of the texts used on your store
  • The choice of your logo
  • The favicon of your store
  • The style of the buttons (round, rectangular, shaded or modern)
  • The image of your homepage
  • The different welcome texts
  • Display of new products
  • One block of your choice of home page

Then, if you have chosen thePlus or Pro subscription, you will have access to these other features:

  • The look of your store (header and footer)
  • The message of the top banner (very useful when you make a promotion for example)
  • Hide the TPOP link at the bottom of your site
  • Create multiple blocks on the home page
  • Adding a message below your welcome banner
  • Display a sidebar for your blog
  • Choosing the style of the blog post title
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