How TPOP works

Formerly reserved for Shopify users, our platform is now open to other integrations.

The application is now centered on a single management platform:

The creation of your products, their management and the tracking of orders are now done exclusively from the new application.

Full of new functions, faster, clearer, we are pleased to present the new version of our application.

  • Create products and place orders at orders, even if you don't have an online store.
  • Create your products in batches: send your visual once and apply it to a set of products in a matter of seconds.
  • Edit and duplicate your products in a single step, in real time
  • Offer customizable products to your customers
  • Push your products to the shop(s) of your choice, in just one click
  • Keep track of all your orders at a glance

TPOP allows you to connect all your Shopify, Wordpress / WooCommerce and ETSY shops, and to pass on orders manually for each of them.

The branding of each of your shops can be configured individually: slips, logos, parcel labels, addresses and preferences are specific to each store.

Shopify integration

Of course, the new version of the platform lets you connect your Shopify stores in the blink of an eye.

If you already have a Shopify store connected, all your orders and all your products will be automatically synchronized.

WooCommerce integration

Connect your shop(s) to TPOP in just a few minutes, push your visuals and you're ready to sell.We'll then automatically receive your orders and take care of the rest.

Etsy integration

Etsy your favorite?

As with the other integrations, sell on Etsy in just a few clicks.

orders manual without a shop

Want to try out our platform but don't yet have a store? No problem.

Create your account, add your visuals and place your orders in just a few clicks, all with no subscription or fees.

Want to test the rendering of your sublime visuals?

No problem, just place a manual order using the order module

The icing on the cake? We'll give you a 10% discount, once a month, on your orders samples (for orders of 2 or more products).

On the 1st of each month, the discount is activated again.

Do you have a high sales volume?

That's great, we're with you: depending on your monthly volume, you'll unlock a discount valid on all orders products.

The discount is calculated automatically on the basis of the previous month's figures

Are you an international brand?

We've spent a long time working on new delivery rules, with simpler and (often) lower rates.

No need to calculate weights, there's now a fixed rate for each item...

We'll explain it all here.

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Come funziona la piattaforma TPOP? ¿Cómo funciona la plataforma TPOP? How does TPOP work? Hoe werkt het TPOP-platform? Wie funktioniert die TPOP-Plattform?