2021 calendar of key dates to boost your online sales

The key dates for the online sales professions.

Key dates for selling via print on demand and dropshipping.

When selling online, it is of course essential to know the best times to sell.

Knowing these dates will help you know who and when to target when launching your advertising campaigns.

If you know in advance that Valentine's Day is on February 14th, you can plan as early as January to design products around the lovers' day and to put them forward on your website as well as on your advertisements.

Whether you are European or American, we have prepared a short list of key dates to help you increase sales on your site.

This is as complete as possible, but depending on the country you are targeting, some national holidays may not be included: be creative and target specific festivities that your competitors have not thought of.

Whether you use Etsy, Shopify or WooCommerce for your e-commerce site, don't hesitate to highlight these dates on your online shop.


Blue day: 3rd Monday of the month


1 February: Chinese New Year

14 February: Valentine's Day

Fashion weeks


8 March: Women's Day

17 March: St Patrick's Day

20 March: First day of spring

19 March: Father's Day in Spain and Belgium

21 March: Mother's Day North Africa and Middle East

22 March Mother's Day Ireland England


April 1: April Fool's Day

4 April: Easter

April 22: Earth Day, Sustainability

From 28 April to 4 May: French days spring to counter black friday


1 May: Labour Day (France)

2 May: Mother's Day Spain / Portugal

4 May: Star Wars day

5 May: Cinco de Mayo

12 May: Mother's Day (USA)

12 and 13 May: end of Ramadan

20 May: World Bees Day

25 May: International Geek Day

30 May: Mother's Day


13 June: Father's Day Belgium

20 June: Father's Day

21 June: First day of summer / music festival

From 23 June: summer sales in France for 4 weeks


4 July: Independence Day (USA)

14 July: National Day (France)

Prime day: Amazon sale


8 August: International Cat Day

End of August: Back to school/preparation for the new school year


2 September: Labour Day (USA)

4 September: World Beard Day

18 September: European Heritage Days

23 September: First day of autumn


31 October: Halloween


22 November: World Video Game Day

25 November: Thanksgiving

26 November: Black Friday

29 November: Cyber Monday


2nd Monday of December: green monday

25 December: Christmas

That's it for this list, that's quite a lot of dates to work on, isn't it?

It's up to you now, we hope you'll sell your products by the pallet.