New organic product: the Stanley/Stella children's sweater

Hop, a new product is available and it's not a piece of cake.

New organic product: the Stanley Stella children's sweatshirt - TPOP Print on demand app

As you know, one of our main objectives is to offer you as many organic products as possible, made in an ethical way.

The Stanley/Stella Mini Changer is the latest addition to our range of organic textiles.

We are very pleased with its entry into the TPOP application.

A top quality children's sweatshirt

It is an excellent product that we classify as "premium" because of the excellent quality of manufacture and finish.

The Stanley/Stella Mini Changer obviously fulfils all the criteria for environmentally friendly production and holds all the quality labels such as the famous GOTS (a label that is so difficult to obtain due to the demanding selection criteria), Oeko-Tex and Fair Wear.

This sweatshirt for children is made of 85% spun and combed organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester.

On the inside, the fleece is brushed for an even softer and warmer feel, and there is also a small size chip indicating the age range and also the height in cm corresponding to the age (for example, on the photo below, the sweater corresponds to 3/4 years and 98-104 cm).

The cut is unisex and straight, neither too loose nor too slim.

Detail of Stanley/Stella's mini-changer.

We offer it on the application in two colours: white and black. The sizes available are: 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-11 years and 12-14 years.

A new organic print-on-demand sweatshirt by TPOP and Stanley Stella

The Stanley/Stella mini change in print on demand.

Now it's up to you to dress as many children as possible with your wonderful designs.