Organizations and POD promotional items: a winning combination?

Non-profit or cultural organizations, sports clubs and student unions: find out about everything that POD merchandise can offer you.


We're stronger together: that is what organisations are all about. In order to find many interested parties, it is of course advisable to communicate about your existence and to make an impression, and it seems that we are in an era where digital marketing is becoming the first option considered (and sometimes the only option, for that matter)... But is digital marketing the most effective?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: digital marketing is a valuable tool that can be completely free, but it should not be seen as the only answer to all problems. Modern communication needs to be 360°, coherent and personalised. By the way, for those who would like a complementary solution, we have a nice one that could diversify your communication. Standing ovation for...

Promotional items

Create your own products with TPOP for your association, your BDE or your sports club.

They have been around for what seems like forever, and this is where the saying "never change a winning team" comes into its own: promotional items enjoy a very good reputation among consumers worldwide. According to a study conducted in 2019 by the ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute), it is in fact the preferred means of communication, all generations and countries combined.

To take it a step further, according to the same study, consumers are twice as likely to have a positive opinion of a promotional item compared to an advertisement on the internet.

With this in mind, the question arises: what are the real benefits of promotional items for an association?

Well, we have the answers, and we'll give them to you right now.

To associate your organization with positive values 💚

Create your goodies, promotional products and merchandising for your association with TPOP.

We have pointed out that promotional items are widely accepted and appreciated by the public, but why?

Simple: psychologically and emotionally, the average person likes gifts. If a goodie is given to them, they cannot help but develop a minimum of loyalty towards the organisation or company that gave them the gift... It's more or less conscious, but that's how it is! See for yourself: according to a statistical study by Promotion Marketing, 82% of the public would have a favourable opinion of an organisation after receiving a promotional item from it. Sounds appealing, right?

To boost your visibility 🚀

Promotional items have the potential to have a long life thanks to two main criteria: quality and usefulness. The better the quality of a product, the longer it can be kept. Similarly, the usefulness of a product will justify its prolonged use. If you respect these two criteria when choosing your products... You've got a deal that will last!

Why do you want to optimise the lifespan of your promotional items? That's simple: to boost your visibility through the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times your product and your logo are seen. According to the ASI, the print of a t-shirt will be seen on average 3400 times; a mug, 1400 times. Not bad, considering the initially low prices of these products!

To finance your organization 💰

Customisable clothing and goodies for BDE, sports club or charity or cultural association.

The primary aim of associations is not to make money, but as you know very well, it is absolutely essential for them to obtain funds. This is where promotional items come in, which can be distributed as a reward for the donations of your generous contributors, or simply sold at above-average prices so that your organization's fund can enjoy a nice margin.

Still in the complicated register of finances, we know that you probably do not have astronomical sums to invest in large quantities of products bearing your association's image... Moreover, in such a situation, there is no certainty that you will be able to sell all your stocks.
This is where Print on Demand proves its worth: production on demand, SO no initial investment, SO only profit (and pure joy). For an organization, you simply can't dream of anything better, and we say that in all objectivity, as usual.

To unite your troops 💪

Your organization's promotional products aren't only intended to reward your donors or make you known to the public... Your employees can also benefit from them, and for very good reasons.

First of all, let's look at the internal aspect: products decorated with your organization's colors will reinforce the impression of unity and the feeling of belonging among your troops, which has the great potential to be a real driving force for their motivation and involvement in the project. It's a bit like the uniform effect: when the differences dissipate, it's more obvious to feel united.

Let's not forget that being part of an association also implies regular contact with the public, through demonstrations, events and other gatherings of all kinds. From the outside, your team will give off a much more coherent image if it is dressed in the same way! On a more practical note, team clothing can also clearly inform the public of your employees' relationship with your association.

To build a nice eco-responsible image 🌱

Your ecological and eco-responsible by-products printed on demand with TPOP.

In addition to the quality and usefulness mentioned above, one criterion is gradually gaining ground in the public's heart... No real surprise here: it's eco-responsibility. In recent years, there is no doubt that more and more consumers are turning to sensible consumption. In their case, receiving a plastic pen could have the opposite effect to that intended, i.e. to give them a negative image of your organization... And that would be a real shame.

On the other hand, offering the public products designed in an eco-responsible and ethical manner means presenting your association in the best possible light: in the statistical study cited above, 42% of respondents said they had a more favourable opinion of an association if the object they received was sustainable. You are better than fake, aren't you? Then show it!

And because our catalogue is full of nuggets ideal for hosting your logo, here is a selection of products just for you:

In an age when the number of ways to promote your organization is multiplying like Gremlins under a fountain, it is good to hold on to traditions, especially when they are effective, such as promotional items. Often imitated but never equalled in the eyes of the public, this marketing technique still has a bright future ahead of it... And we hope for your organization that you will be caught up in it!