Print on demand, for whom, why?

Discover the real interest and advantages of ecological print on demand. Who is it for? Are you concerned?

Print on demand: discover our Shopify application in France.

Whether you are an artist, designer or entrepreneur, print on demand is a great way to monetise your creativity.

You already know the principle, but here's a reminder: print on demand is a term that means "printing on demand".

The principle is to propose your creations on a set of products, which are automatically created on your shop thanks to our application, without you having to buy stock: when a customer places an order on your site, you are paid by the customer of the total amount of the order.

Automatically, we will receive this order, print it and then ship it on your behalf. When it goes into production, we will invoice you for the amount you set at the time of creation.

Example: you sell a t-shirt for €30 on your website, the amount is paid to you normally and directly into your bank account by your customer. On our side, when the order goes into production, we charge you €13: as a result, you have a net gain of 30 - 13 = €17 and this without having invested in any stock.

No need to invest in expensive equipment, train in printing techniques and hire staff, our print on demand service is there to serve your inventiveness and allow you to sell your designs easily and quickly.

From t-shirts and totebags to mugs and cushions, you can create a "physical" product and sell it online in no time.

No need to contact a workshop to make a stock of t-shirts, sweatshirts or mugs printed with your designs in advance, nor to manage the shipping: with our print on demand application, no advance payment is necessary.

Our print on demand application/service takes care of everything, from printing the product to sending it to your customer (on your behalf).

This is a huge time saver and above all a lower financial risk. If your product doesn't sell, don't worry, you won't be charged because each part is printed on demand when the customer order goes into production.

Another key feature is that your personalised products are sent as a white label.

Using our print on demand application, your products are shipped with a packing slip with your name on it, your logo is printed on it (you can even personalise it with your social networks and give it a dominant color ) and your logo is also placed on the outside of the envelope.

For your customer, it is you, your brand that has taken care of shipping the order, we do not appear anywhere.

All of this is 100% automated: once your customer has placed an order, you don't have to do anything else, we take care of everything.

The European ecological print on demand.

When should you use print on demand?

There are various reasons why print on demand is interesting:

  • Creating nested products For example, you are in an English Bulldog Owners Club and you see a desire from these people to have items featuring their beloved dogs. Simply create a shop dedicated to English Bulldogs and install our print on demand application to sell your products, specially created for this club.
  • Try out a store idea with a range of personalized products without taking the risk of buying stock. This way, you can experiment with your designs without major investment: if you don't like a visual, you can simply remove it from your store.
  • You already have an audience that follows you (you are a youtuber, an influencer, a designer etc) and you want to sell customised products with your creations or your brand. However, you don't have the time to deal with the logistics, hence the interest in using print on demand (this is the principle of dropshipping).
  • You simply want to create unique products that cannot be found anywhere else. You can keep them for yourself, or offer them at events for example.
Our P.O.D. application is available for Shopify.

Why use our print on demand service?

TPOP is a company located in the south of France, made up of geeks who are passionate about printing machines and who have been immersed inSustainability for quite some time.

Using our platform means you can be sure that your products will be printed with love (no, I'm not kidding) and that they will be sent with care to your customers.

The advantages of our application and our custom t-shirt printing service.

The main advantages of our print on demand application are

  • No fees or subscriptions: you do not sell, you are not charged.
  • From stock: all products available in the application are in stock, right here, where they will be printed. We have a huge buffer stock so you don't have to wait for us to be supplied by the manufacturers.
  • A strong ecological commitment: we offer a maximum of clean products, with the most advanced labels on the market. Our printers use certified inks that are free of pollutants and toxic products.
  • Automatic processing of your orders : once the order is placed, you don't have to do anything, we take care of everything.
  • Real-time tracking: via our application, find out what stage your order is at in the manufacturing / shipping process.
  • Fast shipping: we always try to process your orders within 72 hours (often less than that)
  • Careful shipping: your products are shipped in top quality recycled and recyclable cardboard sleeves, all without plastic.
  • Responsive support: a chat is integrated into the app so that you can contact us easily.
  • Top branding: your brand (logo) is included on the slips and on the packages, which is impressive for your end customer.

Do you think it's cool?

Don't wait any longer and get in touch with our application, it's there, waiting for you.

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