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Rise Sweatshirt Replacement

The Rise is leaving us, discover its nice replacement.

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Bye-bye Rise, welcome Kariban's K4025

The plaids are coming out of the cupboards, the salads are gradually being replaced by warm and comforting dishes: we may remember that autumn is only a few weeks away, but it feels like it already, doesn't it? It seems like a good time to look at offering long-sleeved pieces in your range, which are likely to be a big hit with your audience in the coming period.

Speaking of which, it turns out that the organic, unisex sweatshirt we've been offering up until now, the Rise, has been discontinued by our supplier Stanley/Stella and should be effective soon. No need to panic or drown your sorrows in fondue: we have already planned its replacement, and not the least. So, for our users who chose the Rise: don't worry, you won't lose out, far from it!

The lucky one is the K4025 sweatshirt designed by Kariban; this piece combines premium quality and ultra-clean finishes for a result of a fineness that perfectly matches your expectations and your brand image. Just like its predecessor, this product has multiple eco-labels confirming its potential as a model of eco-responsibility:

This sweatshirt complies with the GOTS label, the most sought-after and difficult to obtain, but also the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring that the article is safe for human health, as well as the Eve Vegan label, guaranteeing that it is made without ingredients of animal origin. So it really is an item that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is clean, in short, the kind of item you want to offer your customers to impress them.

A perfect combination of comfort, feature and style, this emblematic model can be worn by both men and women. In addition to the eco-responsibility values it represents and to which we fully adhere, we chose this piece for its classic, timeless cut: this type of silhouette has crossed the ages without ever being outdated. It's simple: this sweatshirt goes with EVERYTHING, especially with your visuals: it has a large surface area that is absolutely ideal for highlighting your graphic designs.

Remember when we told you that this was a model of eco-responsibility? It was not just talk, and for good reason: this sweatshirt is made of 85% organic cotton and 15% post-consumer recycled polyester (i.e. from a first use). In fact, for the unusual anecdote, this product is part of the brand's initiative to offer textile products made from recycled plastic: for this sweatshirt, 3 plastic bottles were cleaned, crushed, and then transformed into fibres ready to be spun for the last step: knitting the product. It is with undisguised pride (at all) that we salute this beautiful way of keeping this plastic out of our oceans and putting it on the backs of your consumers, and this in the greatest of styles.

See that irresistible softness? You're almost tempted to reach out and touch the garment through the screen.
Sadly, this is not an option included in our service (yet), but take our word for it: this is the epitome of softness. This piece is equipped with a silky-smooth, brushed fleece inner layer that provides an undeniable feeling of warmth to its lucky owner (whereas the Rise sweatshirt's fleece was unbrushed): a huge bonus as it will be sure to keep your customers warm, just in time for the arrival of cooler temperatures (a myth in the south of France, but we suspect they exist somewhere).

Just like the Rise, this model is available on our application in 6 sizes (from XS to XXL): this will maximise your customers' chances of finding what they are looking for. In terms of colours, we have also decided to keep our current offer by selecting the same shades as those we previously offered with the Rise: white, black and mottled grey. Three real bestsellers favoured by consumers, three models that we will have the pleasure of integrating into our mega-fast customisation service thanks to their guaranteed presence in our stocks.

Good news! As we at TPOP are extremely benevolent and generous (and like to throw flowers at each other, but that's another story), we've decided to offer you this customised item for the same price as the Rise, despite its remarkable myriad of qualities. We've come to know each other over the years: we know that working out good prices for both you and your customers can be a real challenge, so we've decided not to pass on the change in product price.

The careful selection of the pieces in our catalogue can be a real headache: the combination of superior material, stylish cut and eco-responsibility is not always obvious, especially as we try to offer competitive prices so that our users can make a good profit. After all, it is an established fact that quality has a price.

So it's always a victory to find pieces that tick all the boxes, and we can proudly say that this Kariban design does. We hope you sell a lot and that your wallets swell.

As usual, you don't have to worry about replacing the products in your shop: we take care of it internally, the replacement is automatic.