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Here you'll find all the documentation you need to use your favorite e-commerce platform (we're talking about TPOP, of course).

Frequently asked questions

Questions that make sense...

Is your offer really free?

Yes, yes, yes. Our platform is completely free, but you can opt for a subscription if you want to go further.

Do you really have 0 commission charges?

Yes, you read that right: we don't take any commission on your store's sales. We tell you all at this address.

I already have a store. Can I use TPOP?

Of course, if you already have your own store, you can connect it to TPOP and benefit from our print-on-demand system.

What are the differences between the offers?

The free version opens up the ports of print on demand with a simple, functional store. To make you more professional, we've developed 2 super-competitive offers. More details at this address.