Who pays me? What does it cost?

It's simple:

  • Your customer pays you directly
  • No transaction fees

Let's go into more detail

When you set up your TPOP store, you'll be able to add the payment methods with which you'd like to be paid.

We now offer Stripe and Paypal.

When a customer orders from your TPOP online store, they pay you directly using the chosen payment method: TPOP doesn't intervene, it's your transaction.

1. Ordering external or digital products

You read that right: TPOP takes no commission on sales, because we love you so much.

The amount paid by your customer is yours - we don't have a commission system.

Transaction fees may apply

Stripe and Paypal, like all payment processors, charge fees on transactions (between 1 and 4% overall), TPOP is completely external to this process.

Visit the relevant Stripe or Paypal pages for more information.

2. Order print-on-demand products

There is still no commission on sales, but production costs do apply.

When the products ordered are printed on demand by our service, your customer pays you the total amount of the order, which you will receive, depending on the payment operator, between 2 and 5 days on your bank account.

Then, when we put your order into production, we will deduct the amount corresponding to the total cost of the products from the payment method you have entered in the application.

Example with fictitious amounts:

On Monday, you sell 3 products for a total of 75 EUR in your store.
Your customer pays you the 75 EUR, which you will receive in your bank account between Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, TPOP will put your order into production and charge the EUR 30 for the products and delivery to the credit card entered in the application.

You will have earned 45 EUR on this transaction, from which you must deduct Stripe or Paypal fees.

Content Translations:

Who pays me? What does it cost?Ordering external or digital productsOrdering print-on-demand productsChi mi paga? Quali sono le spese?Ordinazione di prodotti esterni o digitaliOrdinazione di prodotti print-on-demand¿Quién me paga? ¿Cuáles son los gastos?Pedidos de productos externos o digitalesPedidos de productos de impresión bajo demandaWer bezahlt mich? Wie hoch sind die Gebühren?Bestellung von externen oder digitalen ProduktenBestellung von Print on Demand-Produkten