Automatic delivery calculation

For "print on demand" products shipped with TPOP, the shipping costs displayed in your TPOP store are calculated automatically: we apply the exact amount we charge you, so you don't have to make any complex calculations.

For other integrations (Shopify, Etsy...), shipping costs will be defined directly on the integration.

Free delivery

It's easy to offer your customers free delivery on purchases over a certain amount.

All you have to do is tick the "Activate free delivery" box on the "Delivery" page and choose the purchase amount from which delivery will be offered.

Easy, isn't it?

Content Translations:

Automatic delivery calculation and price rounding, Automatische Lieferberechnung und Preisrundung, Calcolo automatico della consegna e arrotondamento del prezzo, Cálculo automático de entregas y redondeo de precios, Automatisk leveransberäkning och prisavrundning