Managing your TPOP store

Before you can start creating and selling your products, you first need to configure your store.

Don't worry, we're here to help. Just follow the steps below and everything will go smoothly.

In your space, on the left, you'll find the settings section.

Let's start with the "Manage your store" section.

Store visibility

A very important section.

It allows you to :

  • Define your store names and titles (useful for SEO)
  • Make your store visible to the world
  • Make your store visible to search engines
  • Protect access to your store with a password
  • Whether or not to activate your blog (if your subscription gives you access to the blog)


Your customers will have access to this information on their invoices, and it's also here that you can define the email address on which your customers will contact you.

Social networking

If you'd like to display your different social networks, this is the place to do it: they'll be visible in different places, such as your store's footer.

Language and currency

You can easily define the language in which your site is displayed, depending on your clientele.

You can also change the currency displayed on your site.

We automatically take care of formatting the currency and displaying it in the right place (to the left or right of the price, depending on the currency).

Next steps :

Store design
Texts and translations
Getting paid
Domain name

Content Translations:

Management of your TPOP store, Referencing and visibility, Contact and social, Language and currency, Store protection, Disable store protection, Allow seo robots and search engines, Verwaltung Ihres TPOP-Ladens, Referenzierung und Sichtbarkeit, Kontakt und Soziales, Sprache und Währung, Schutz des Ladens, Ladenschutz deaktivieren, Seo-Roboter und Suchmaschinen zulassen, Gestione del negozio TPOP, Referenze e visibilità, Contatti e social, Lingua e valuta, Protezione del negozio, Disattivare la protezione del negozio, Consentire i robot seo e i motori di ricerca, Gestión de tiendas TPOP, Referencias y visibilidad, Contactos y social, Idioma y moneda, Protección de la tienda, Desactivar la protección de la tienda, Permitir robots seo y motores de búsqueda, TPOP Butiksförvaltning, Hänvisningar och synlighet, Kontakter och sociala kontakter, Språk och valuta, Skydd av butiker, Inaktivera butiksskyddet, Tillåt seo-robotar och sökmotorer