Facebook Live Chat Messenger

Why use Facebook Messenger live chat?

Adding Facebook Live Chat to your online store offers several notable advantages:

  • Immediate assistance: Customers can ask questions or express concerns directly via chat, receiving a rapid response and improving their shopping experience.
  • User engagement: Live chat promotes user engagement by allowing them to interact with your brand in real time. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and conversion rates.
  • Optimized customer support: Facebook Live Chat is accessible from the social network itself, meaning your customers don't have to leave the platform to get help.
  • Data analysis: Facebook Live Chat provides valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, which can help personalize and improve product and service offerings.
  • Accessibility: With over 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, using Facebook Live Chat increases your accessibility and visibility, attracting a wider audience to your sublime online store.

Integrating Facebook Live Chat into your online store can improve the customer experience, increase engagement and conversion, while providing you with valuable data to improve your products and services.

How do I add Messenger to my TPOP store?

It's not difficult, and will take you no more than a few minutes.

  1. Make sure you've created a Facebook page for your online store and that your page visibility is set to "Published".
  2. Visit https://business.facebook.com/latest/inbox/settings/chat_plugin
  3. Click on "Configure" then "Standard".
  4. Add your TPOP domain (type https://votreboutique.tpopsite.com) in step 2
  5. The tricky part: look in the code in part 3 for the "Page ID" enclosed in quotation marks (such as 857071978057411) and copy it.
  6. Click on "Done".
  7. Go to your TPOP space, in the applications section, then search for "Facebook Messenger Live Chat".
  8. Finally, paste the "Page ID" in the appropriate field: be careful not to paste the quotation marks. Save.
  9. All that's left is to activate the chat by clicking on the switch in the applications section.

Note that by default, the color chat bubble is that of Facebook: if you wish to replace it with your store's main color , simply check the appropriate box on the application page.