Create a page on my store

First of all, what's a "page"?

A page is an element of your site that allows you to expose informative content to your customers.

This could be your general terms and conditions of sale (mandatory), your contact details, an "about us" page...

How does it work?

Go to "Pages", and a list of your created pages will appear.
You can then create a new page, edit an existing one, or delete a page (except for "Legal").

The page editor

By clicking on "Show details", you will have access to :

  • Page url (address)
  • Its order in the menus: the higher the number, the higher up the menus the page appears.
  • Display location: top of page, bottom of page or both
  • Publication: whether or not to publish the page
Content Translations:

Eine Seite in meinem Shop erstellen, Create a page on my store, Creare una pagina sul mio negozio, Crear una página en mi tienda, Skapa en sida i min butik