Customized delivery rules

We'll guide you through the super-simple delivery rule creation system.

To use it, go to "Settings", then click on "Delivery".

In the "Customized shipping rules" box, you can choose a condition for calculating your shipping costs.

Two choices are available:

  • Order amount
  • Item weight

When you select "Order amount", the shipping amount will be calculated based on the total order amount, allowing you to create shipping costs quickly.

When you choose "Item weight", the amount is calculated precisely according to the final weight of the order, so that you can bill your customers for the best calculated delivery.

Once you've selected your calculation condition, all that's left to do is create your different shipping zones (which are groups of countries) and their associated rules.

You may have noticed the words "Specific rule" at the end of the form.

These fields enable you to create specific rules that you can link to your physical products: activation is carried out directly from the product.

This enables us, for example, to charge the customer a special rate if the product on sale is particularly heavy or requires special transport.

Please note, however, that if this rule is associated with a product, at the time of purchase it will take precedence over all your other customized rules.

Your products are now ready to take flight.

Content Translations:

How do I create custom delivery rules?
Come si creano regole di consegna personalizzate?
Wie kann ich benutzerdefinierte Zustellungsregeln erstellen?
¿Cómo puedo crear reglas de entrega personalizadas?