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4 good reasons to choose Made in Portugal clothing

Portugal is great. And not just for Pasteis de Nata. And its landscapes. And the friendly Portuguese.

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We do everything we can to find you the latest and greatest. Think of us as little animals who, in addition to being super-cute, have razor-sharp noses for finding you the latest and greatest...

Today, we've got something for you, something that's shaking up the world of textiles: garments made in Portugal!

And you'll see, there's a good reason why they're the talk of the industry. More to the point: it's for the following 4 reasons...

#1: For ancestral Portuguese know-how

Portugal is like the Gandalf of textiles, as old as time and full of wisdom. Just imagine: in the Porto region, there are family-run, artisanal workshops that have been making clothes for decades. It's as if textiles run in their veins. So, yes, Made in Portugal has an ultra-precise know-how, maintained and handed down generation after generation.

So we can conclude that the Made in Portugal products on the market are made in a workshop by a granny as wrinkled as a raisin, a silk scarf tied around her head, to the sound of cicadas?

Not really! Since its beginnings in the textile industry, Portugal has never stopped modernizing. What we're talking about here are gigantic workshops equipped with cutting-edge technology. It's on this grand scale that its legendary know-how lives on... And the result is simply exceptional craftsmanship. We're talking about clothes that last, that are as soft as a kitten's cuddle, that make you feel fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air.

#2: For ethical working conditions

Factories in Portugal produce clothes to die for, but not under just any conditions. Portuguese workshops are like oases of comfort for our dedicated workers. We're talking about working conditions that make you want to tap dance for joy on a sewing machine: modern equipment, safety, comfort, decent working hours and wages...

Because the bosses are nice guys and nice ladies? We hope so, but also because they have to be: industry in Portugal obeys European labor law. Yes, the same as ours! The same one that allows Brigitte in accounts to spend 2 weeks every summer at the Pistoulet-sur-Mer campsite. A refreshing prospect, don't you think?

#3: Great value for money

So, let's do the math together: quality manufacturing, plus ethical conditions, plus state-of-the-art factories... Equals exorbitant prices?

Well, the math is wrong, Kevin, because Portuguese manufacturing offers one of the most attractive price/quality ratios on the market! In Portugal, the minimum wage is set at €740 gross per month, a sum which at first glance seems derisory... Except that the cost of living is 25% lower than in France! It's also worth noting that the minimum wage is rising steadily, with an increase of 6% in 2020. These figures promise a fair wage for workers, as well as a super-competitive purchase price for textile professionals like you.

#4: For its positive impact on theSustainability

Your wallet, your customers approve of Made in Portugal, and now it's the planet's turn. Did you know that 69% of a garment's impact on the environment is due to the energy used in its manufacture? Coal, oil or gas: these are the big villains of textile pollution; they're also generally used in the main fast-fashion producing countries like China, which uses 84.4% of these fossil fuels. Faced with this situation, Portugal is going to opt for green energy: more expensive, but cleaner too.

Another point that makes Made in Portugal eco-friendly? Its reduced carbon footprint, thanks to short transport distances. We've rarely seen a shorter route than that. Well, maybe you'll be running in a hangover, but then again...

What's another good thing about Made in Portugal (yet another one)?

You don't have to go far to find it - it's in our catalog.

And what better way to embody Made in Portugal than with a piece made in a local factory near Porto? Genuine European craftsmanship, striking quality at every seam...

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Eco-responsible? Check. Made from 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified and vegan, this is a piece that will give your creations a pretty green glow... And eco-responsibility means durability: this sweatshirt is rock solid. It's not the kind of sweatshirt that decomposes after two washes, no, no. It's here to stay, to last. It's here to stay, to keep your customers coming back again and again. It's good for their wardrobe, good for your reputation, and good for the planet. A real trifecta.

Quality? Cheeeeeeeck. Let's face it, this is the kind of product you don't want to leave, that would make anyone dread laundry days. Its lightweight 280g/m² makes it a perfect ally all year round, whether on cool Indian summer evenings or tucked under a coat in winter. From its extra-velvety feel on the outside to its fleece interior that cuddles like your very first blanket, it's a soft product, inside and out. It's the very best, from its cotton to its meticulous finishing. It's what you deserve.

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Let's get moving! We're just waiting for you to get tomorrow's fashion off the ground.