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Mugs with circular print.

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That's it, we now offer "panoramic" printing for mugs in addition to "classic" printing in our print on demand application.

The classic technique, as you know, is to print the visual twice, on each "side" of the mug.

Now you also have the possibility to print a design in the form of a circular banner, which covers the mug on both sides.

This is a nice technique to propose a visual specially designed for a mug, which has been conceived to be presented lengthwise: it can be a panorama or simply a visual intended to be seen / read by turning the mug.

The mugs used are of course the same as the ones you already know, it's just the printing technique that changes.

How does it work?

It's very simple, just upload your design into the app, as usual.

You will find a template under the product sheet, but also by clicking here.

Thanks to it you can prepare your visual directly in the right format, export it and then add it to the app: you just have to adjust the size of the frame inside the app and that's it.

There is however a difference with the classic mug, we will generate on your site a preview of the mug with the banner, the visual, which "protrudes" from it to illustrate the fact that the print is panoramic.

If you want a more natural or situational integration, we suggest you to use our partner Place-it who will offer you an incredible number of mugs mockups (as well as a whole bunch of other products that are very easy to create).

Simply drag and drop your image into their generator and the mockups will be created, after which you will only have to modify your product sheet.

What about the tariff?

This printing technique is a bit more constraining for us than the classic technique but, as we love you, we decided to offer the panoramic mugs at the same price as those with classic printing.

This is good news, isn't it?