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A nice changelog

Yum, updates.

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What's the point of a changelog?

It's easy, it's a logbook.

In this case, it allows us to keep you informed of changes to the platform.

A changelog is designed to highlight the most important updates, without going into the details of day-to-day development modifications (for example, small cosmetic changes or small patches are not listed).

We've kept things simple, with a very simple, easy-to-read page that's updated every time there's a significant change.

You will find 3 types of updates:

  • Patches: if a bug is discovered or a modification is needed on an integration, it will be in this section.
  • Updates: this is the section used in the event of a major update to the platform (enhancement of a function).
  • What's new: new functions, new products, we use this section. We know you'll be keeping a close eye on this one.

You can find it here: the TPOP changelog.

Get ready, because we have every intention of updating it in the coming weeks.

The latest updates :

  • Customized message function for your store
  • Facebook chat plugin on your site
  • Hot new mock-ups

We'd like to give you a sneak peek at future updates, because we're fun to be with.

  • MiniPOP arrives fast
  • New mockups
  • New products
  • The possibility of adding... external products