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Underwear arrives at TPOP with organic cotton boxer shorts!

Undoubtedly the softest of boxer shorts.

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After all the new products of recent weeks, you didn't think you could be surprised any more?

Well, here we have something as exciting as a kitten with a ball of wool.

Because this time, we're even inaugurating a product category together, along with the giant scissors, champagne and all the rest... Underwear!

Let's start with a heavyweight in his category...

Organic cotton boxer shorts

Here's a whole new way for you to express your creativity: below the belt! But not just any way...

With a product of simply exceptional quality.

Beyond its pretty, modern and athletic cut, the comfort of these boxer briefs will blow you away. With a wide elastic waistband designed to provide perfect support (neither too loose nor too tight), they're designed to be worn with pleasure all day long. Its velvety combed cotton will put your customers at ease, offering them a softness that will make their favorite plaid jealous... Everything about this boxer proves that it's a quality piece, from the fabric to the careful finishing, from the lined crotch to the meticulous stitching. The beauty is in the details...

Whether your customer is more Spiderman than Hulk, more Laurel than Hardy, it doesn't matter: the boxer is available in sizes S to 2XL to perfectly fit all body shapes. What's more, you can choose from three shades: black, mottled grey and navy blue, to suit all your customers' moods... As with all contrasting designs, if we're talking tech, yes yes. Designs that you can place on the front or back of the product, as you wish!

Black, mottled grey, navy blue... But also, green!

Not literally, but green in the sense that it's good for the planet, since it's made from 95% organic cotton (the remaining 5% being elastane, essential to avoid giving the impression of having the freedom of movement of a knight in chain mail). Its organic cotton is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, a label that guarantees it is free from substances harmful to health and the planet. It's also Vegan and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means it's not only good for the Earth, but also respects the people who made it possible.

Of course, taking care of the planet is a good thing. We live on it, and we'd like to keep it that way. That said, being eco-responsible also has benefits for... your brand! Firstly, because it will be a big selling point with eco-conscious customers, but also because organic products are designed to last. And if there's one thing we dream of for boxer shorts, it's to last for years and years... Rather than blend into the mass of boxer briefs with holes in them like Swiss cheese that populate wardrobes the world over. In the face of such stiff competition, your boxer shorts will look good and remind your customers where to buy their next pair.

A rockstar of personalized gifts

Over the last few months, printed boxer shorts have become a regular in customer baskets. They're especially popular as gifts: whether for boyfriends or husbands, for EVGs, birthdays or Valentine's Day, they're a bestseller.

How do you explain this success?

First of all, it's a fairly inexpensive product, perfect as a stand-alone gift when you want to show your affection without breaking the bank, or as part of a whole range of gifts for those who like grand gestures.

Secondly, it's also a useful product that's sure to be worn. You can never have enough underwear.

Finally, it's a precious, limitless space for creativity. There's plenty to dare: dare to be humorous, dare to use wacky slogans, dare to use zany motifs... You can get away with anything if you know it won't be seen by your boss...

Mix all these ingredients together and you've got the best recipe for, well, boosting your store's revenue!

Now that we've given you all the pointers, it's time to get cooking yourself...

We're talking about creating your very own premium boxer shorts. Treat yourself!