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New product: a 100% organic cotton CROP TOP

It is beautiful, it is organic, the summer will be hot.

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Made by MANTIS, this crop top fully meets our ecological and moral requirements: it is woven from 100% organic cotton.

It has a number of environmental quality labels, such as OCS 100 and Oeko tex Standard 100.

Mantis manufactures mainly in factories in Tanzania, Africa, and has obtained the SA8000 standard, which is a social certification based on the principles of the International Labour Organisation and national laws to protect workers' rights.

The brand aims to be ethical and fair, respecting all the people who make their products by applying a set of social standards: no child labor kids, no forced labor, fair wages, reasonable working hours and overtime pay, paid maternity leave, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, a clean, healthy and safe working environment.

This crop top is not only "clean" but also of excellent quality. It is light to wear and has a smooth, combed print surface for op-ti-mal digital printing.

It has no collar tag, just a simple size chip (which is important when you want to create your brand and develop your branding).

The rolled up sleeves and loose fit make this crop top ultra modern and perfectly in tune with today's fashion.

We offer it in three colors (white, black, mottled grey) and it comes in four sizes: S, M, L, XL.

As an indication, this premium crop top can easily be sold for between €30 and €40.

Good sales!