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LE ROCKER : A 100% organic cotton t-shirt at a low price

From now on, no more conventional cotton t-shirts in our application: the Rocker, the new unisex S/S t-shirt that replaces the SG t-shirts...

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A new year means new resolutions!

As you may already know, we at TPOP are a young (well, that goes for almost everyone...) and dynamic team, super sensitive to environmental issues.

The textile industry being, unfortunately, one of the most polluting in the world, it is essential for us to select products manufactured according to an eco-responsible ethics.

Today, we believe that the functioning of a company must be based onSustainability.

In view of the disastrous consequences of our globalised economy on nature and the climate, it has become essential to create a new economy that is more respectful of our planet.

This is why, in addition to our eco-responsible actions (plastic-free packaging and shipping), we have decided to gradually withdraw all products that are not manufactured in an ecological and ethical manner.

As the weeks go by, we will be announcing new additions to the application that will replace conventional cotton textiles.

Here is the Stanley/Stella's ROCKER.

An excellent 100% organic cotton unisex t-shirt, replacing the SG model, men's and women's cut.

It is a 150g/m2 tubular cut (uncut/sewn) t-shirt.

It is spun and combed, which allows for optimal digital printing.

Like all Stanley/Stella products, it holds numerous ecological and ethical labels such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex, PETA Vegan and Fair Wear.

We have selected a total of 7 colors (the most popular and most suitable for digital printing): white, black, grey mottled, navy blue, burgundy, khaki and indigo mottled blue.

Being unisex, we have chosen to make it available in 7 sizes: from XS to 3XL.

Replacing the SG brand product and becoming the entry-level t-shirt of our application, the price is SUPER attractive for a 100% organic product: 11.90 € TTC (9.92 H.T) for the white and 13.60 € TTC (11.33 H.T) for the color.

It's a great product: it's priced like an entry-level t-shirt you'd see anywhere else, yet it's light years better in terms of quality.

Top cut, great colors and incredible manufacturing quality.

You can already find it in the app but also directly on its product sheet.

Does your shop contain the SG model?

From 1 March 2020, we will automatically ship the Rocker instead of the SG.

You will therefore need to update your product sheets and take into account the price increase (which is compensated by the fact that you will be able to advertise an organic and ethical product for almost the same price).

The next products are coming very soon.

We wish you lots of sales!