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The new version in approach

We can't wait! We can't wait! We can't wait!

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For months now, we have been working hard on the total redesign of our platform, in the shadows (brrr, mysterious atmosphere).

The launch of this one is approaching fast, we had to tell you a little about it.

The most important development in our history

So we're about to introduce you to the new version of TPOP - affectionately called V3 (version 3) between us - and you'll see, it's serious.

This version represents a major turning point and is resolutely oriented towards the future, it has been designed to be a unique system on the market.

We have reviewed our entire technical infrastructure: our community being more and more numerous, it was necessary to be able to assume this increase of creators.

The new platform will be public very soon (yes really it's not a joke, it's happening very soon!), but we already wanted to talk to you about some new features, because we know you are impatient:

The customizer / product designer

It has been completely redesigned from A to Z: it is unparalleled in its simplicity and we are very proud of it.

  • You will now be able to print your designs on the front AND the back simultaneously and add a collar marking on products that allow it, sleeve marking will come next.
  • The possibility to add several visuals on the same product.
  • Filters are joining the platform (removal of white backgrounds, vintage effect...).
  • Real-time display of the estimated size of the visual on the product.
  • Adding text directly from the customizer is now possible.
  • Artificial intelligence based suggestions for products to create will also be available in the customizer.


The mockups have been completely redesigned and we can't wait to present PopAi, the strongest algorithm we've developed.

Thanks to PopAi, your visuals will be able to merge on the textile, following the deformations and respecting the shadows of the product.

We will now be able to add new ultra-realistic mockups frequently and thus increase even further the conversion on your stores.


The Shopify, Etsy and WooCommerce APIs have been updated on our end, anticipating their upcoming evolutions.

We can therefore offer you more options when sending to your stores and selective updating of certain options only.

Also, when adding a color to our catalog for example, you will be able to update the products on your store easily.

The management of products has been completely redesigned, the sending to the stores can now be done automatically during the creation.


New products are coming out: they are always sustainably designed and they look super-great.

These products will be launched gradually over the weeks.

As many of you know, the number one problem in print on demand is the permanent availability of products: if a product is out of stock at the manufacturer's, it is no longer possible to fulfill your customer's order.

In order to solve this problem, we have made sure to offer you a majority of products that have an alternative, so there is no risk of shortage.

We have forged solid partnerships with manufacturers in order to ensure a stable and permanent stock dedicated to TPOP.

Thus, the products will no longer be named by the name determined by the manufacturer but by a simple and clear name.

Example with the "premium t-shirt": this product will in fact be a Stanley/Stella t-shirt or its Native Spirit equivalent, depending on the availability of supplies.

You will find a table of equivalence on the card of each product.
In all the cases, the products will have exactly the same characteristics: labels and ecological certifications, weight, cut, size, colors. Your customers will never be short-changed and above all, they will always be delivered quickly.

As you know, our number one priority is your customer satisfaction.

New options and improvements

The list is too long to detail here, but remember that many improvements have been made to the platform, ranging from the interface to the management of billing, through the management of sending emails.

We will publish the changelog at the final release of v3.

A community

Lucky you: we've prepared a community for you that's just too cool. It's a place where users can exchange ideas, get tutorials and keep up to date with the latest developments in real time.

A bit like standing around a campfire... This promises a good atmosphere!

A range of subscriptions

We've put together a range of subscriptions for new services never before offered on the market - you're going to love them, that's for sure.

These subscriptions will be optional, of course, but we can tell you that they add enormous value to our platform: access to exclusive products, seasonal products, brand-new mockups, dedicated support and features for our GIGANTESQUE future ads.

In any case, no obligation to subscribe to use the platform as you currently use it, our service remains entirely free to use.

A change in pricing

As you know, the price of raw materials, transport, inks, in short, everything has increased considerably in the last 2 years.

We never passed on these increases, which were significant at the end of the year, so that you could enjoy maximum margins at Christmas.

However, the time is coming when we will have to apply a (reasonable) increase on some products.

Good news though, we will take care of the postal increase, no effort on your side.

Another detail: no more separation of the white / colored textile price list, from now on the white price list is aligned with the price list of the color, a single price for each product.

The release of 2 outstanding projects

All these new features have been built around 2 projects that will be integrated into TPOP, which are truly gigantic and have required a lot of hard work from our team.

The first one we can tell you about right now because it will be available as soon as V3 is released: you will now be able to create your own online store in just a few clicks, 100% managed by TPOP.

The icing on the cake: it's totally free (more advanced versions with subscription will be available).

A real store, optimized for SEO, optimized for design and above all extremely simple to set up, free of charge.

We can certainly say that e-commerce has never been so simple.

Regarding the second project, it will arrive in the coming months, we will give you more information about it as time goes by.

We can't wait to show you all this, really.

This is going to be great.