Strengthen your brand image

Branding, noun. A set of visual codes and symbols that define your brand image.

In case you are not familiar with it, we are happy to introduce you to branding: it's simple, it's your business' best friend. Palette of colors, logo, aesthetic symbols, fonts: all these elements contribute to your branding, also called "Brand Image". It is thanks to the combination of all these elements that your brand and its products will be recognised at a glance, and of course that your public will remember you when they are seized by a spending urge...

At TPOP, we don't take branding lightly. We like to make sure that YOUR brand is the centre of attention: that's why your orders is white-labelled, but beware, it goes much further than that. See for yourself...

Order forms

Premium branding options and fast, inexpensive print on demand with TPOP.

Personalised slips are a simple and effective way of communicating and branding. They offer you the valuable opportunity to thank your customers and make a lasting impression on them, which may make all the difference when they hesitate to order from you again.

The personalisation of these pretty leaves, slipped into your parcels, is free.

You can also add :

  • Your social networks
  • A customer support email
  • Your phone
  • Choose a dominant color
  • Add a message to your customers
  • Let your customers add a message (for a gift for example)

In addition, they are automatically translated according to the country of delivery.

How much does it cost? 0, nada, it's free.

Your brand on the packages

Top brand image thanks to TPOP, the free and ecological Print on Demand.

We put your logo on the packages, the effect on your customers is terrific: it's as if it was you and no one else who designed, printed and lovingly shipped your customer's order, all from your shop.

To take advantage of it, just check the box in your preferences and voilà!

Oh yes, that's free too...

Package inserts

Add a custom touch to your online shop packages with TPOP's branding options.

Would you like to add goodies, small objects to offer to your customers in the parcels?

A business card, a flyer, a badge?

It's a great idea: these parcel inserts have the incredible power to surprise and delight your customer and thus greatly increase the chances of loyalty...

Send them to us and we'll put them in your packages: everything is explained here.

A "customer gift" sticker

TPOP, the eco-friendly print-on-demand service, offers you cheap and effective branding options.

For just 1 € we offer you to add a nice top quality sticker to your packages.

You can send us a visual including your logo, but also take the opportunity to add a message, to thank your customer or to mark them with a touch of humour.

It's an original customer gift that will make your brand visible to everyone: yes, a sticker can be stuck everywhere, hundreds of potential customers will be able to cross its path and thus know about your brand... It makes you dream!

Collar marking

TPOP, the ecological and ethical Print on Demand, offers you multiple branding options.

The garments in our catalog have no labels, only small size chips. This leaves plenty of room for a very popular branding option for e-tailers... Collar branding!

This is the option that requires the most financial investment on your part, and the most time on ours.

But it's still great because it has the power to dramatically increase the perceived value of a product and the professional appeal of a brand.

If you had any doubts, now you know: we are here to make your brand and its identity stand out to your customers!

Create your TPOP account, it's free