3-steps ordering process

Beware, there is a catch
Ecological Print-on-Demand from Europe

Stage 1

You create a product via TPOP, our print on demand application

You choose your products, you send your visuals, you define your selling price.

We will automatically create and add the products to your online shop.

That's all, nothing more to do.

Step 2

Your customer places an order on your site

You do not have to do anything: you directly receive the customer payment on your bank account or PayPal then the order is automatically transmitted to us.

We then take care of ALL the rest:

  1. We put your order into production (you are invoiced at this point).
  2. We print the order, with care.
  3. We send this to your customer (your name / brand is used).
  4. We automatically close the order on your shop, while adding the tracking number of the parcel.
  5. We trigger the shipping notification to your customer.

Step 3

There is no stage 3. It was a trap.

Once the order is placed on your site, you will have understood, you have nothing to do.

Your customer will receive his order in a nice, high-quality package, he will be super happy and will tell all his contacts about you.

People will flock to your site, you will become rich and famous and move to an island you have just bought.

From there, you can continue to monitor your brand's progress via the super-easy-to-use TPOP dashboard.

Isn't that nice?

Create your TPOP account, it's free