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Discover Native Spirit, an innovative brand at the forefront of textile eco-design.

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As you may have noticed, a new supplier has joined our ranks: Native Spirit.

An emerging manufacturer, Native Spirit has been making a name for itself in the textile industry since 2021, and it was with great pleasure that we welcomed it as one of our official suppliers as soon as we learned of its creation: we were instantly won over by the values and range of this brand, which undoubtedly make it a major professional with a promising future.

Native Spirit 's core mission is totally in line with ours: to actively participate in a more circular, ethical and responsible vision of the textile industry with essential pieces that are ideal for customisation, while retaining their individuality. This is expressed in pieces that combine classic silhouettes, fine fantasy details and acidic colors palettes.

There are two main reasons why we trust this super manufacturer: without further ado, let's review them together.

Responsibility, from respect for nature to respect for people

As a newcomer to the textile industry, Native Spirit is not shy about laying the groundwork: it's not there to be part of the fast-fashion landscape like many of today's suppliers, but to convey its deeply responsible vision of fashion and maintain strong partnerships with like-minded brands (yes, just like us). This desire to exemplify a responsible approach to textiles is articulated in two ways.

First of all, Native Spirit is committed to protecting the environment in a number of ways, including the exclusive use of earth-friendly materials that require few resources or harmful substances such as pesticides to manufacture. Among these, the brand lists organic cotton, recycled cotton and polyester, Modal®, Tencel® and linen.

Another very good thing to know is that the brand has completely banned the use of plastic throughout the supply chain, in favour of sustainable and recyclable packaging such as cardboard. We applaud this initiative, not least because it is a reminder of our commitment to offering guaranteed plastic-free shipments.
Native Spirit's commitment to environmental protection is underlined by a number of labels and certifications:

A quick look at the labels

GOTS label

The Global Organic Textil Standard certifies that the garments are made from organic fibres and that they have been produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

EVE Vegan

This label from Expertise Vegan Europe guarantees that the garment does not contain any substances of animal origin, that there has been no animal exploitation or testing on animals.

OCS Blended

To be awarded the Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS100) label, garments must contain between 5 and 95% organic material.

Global Recycled Standard

This label ensures a minimum of 20% recycled content, that the type of production is sustainable, the total absence of harmful chemicals and ethical working conditions.


The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ensures that no toxic substances or harmful products are used in the manufacturing process.

RCS Blended

This label certifies that the garment is made of 5 to 95% recycled raw materials. This can be pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled materials.

The entire range from this supplier is therefore guaranteed organic, and it is clear that no manufacturing process has involved the use of animal products or substances that are harmful to health: something that, as you know, is very important to us. In the spirit of transparency, the company has even developed its own system for counting and sharing the number of plastic bottles needed to make recycled polyester items, an innovative initiative that we welcome.

And because Native Spirit has great values on all fronts, it is also important for the manufacturer not to neglect the rights of their workers. Since it would be impossible to base its production in Europe, the brand collaborates with factories located in Bangladesh for 70% of its articles, but also in India, China and Italy, and regularly ensures in each of these cases the good working conditions of the workers.

A touch of fantasy to welcome your creations

In our opinion, what makes Native Spirit a unique partner is also its aesthetic choices: between originality, eco-responsibility and essential silhouettes, the brand seems to have found the perfect balance, and we like that.

With a mix of essential standards, natural and acidic colors palettes and subtle fashion details that make all the difference, the company does not hesitate to stand out, whereas many manufacturers of products intended for personalisation prefer to remain more discreet.

Thus, you will find in the catalogue original, natural and vivid shades, directly inspired by the unadorned landscapes that we, at TPOP, love so much. For example, we fell in love with the fruity colour of the oversized T-shirt for men that we offer, reminiscent of the shade of a freshly cut pineapple. The brand's style is also expressed in delicate fancy finishes such as the handles of the Ethnic Shopping tote bag, also available in our catalogue.

Native Spirit has figured it out: you don't have to erase all traces of your personality to enhance your work... On the contrary.