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Premium + stainless steel bottle

Image mockup-gourde-inox

Price excluding tax, including printing : 15,15 €

If you're looking to combine durability and style in your product range, this stainless steel water bottle is a must-have. .

Material: stainless steel
Capacity: 500ml
Total bottle height: 21.5 cm

The cap features a swivel spout with an internal plastic straw for easy sipping.
Dishwasher-safe but hand-washable
Do not use in the microwave.

Technical information

The resolution

For great print results, you need great files in JPEG or PNG format (the advantage of PNG is that this file format manages transparency, so there's no white "frame" around the visual).

Remember also to create your files in CMYK/CMJN color space and export them in RGB/RGB at 150 DPI/PPI.

The printing technique

Sublimation printing

Non-printable colors

White is never printed on bottles, and colors fluorescent colors are difficult to reproduce.

This is important information to take into account in order to avoid receiving a product with unprinted areas.


It's important to avoid visuals with "semi-transparent" areas: printing involves depositing ink on a substrate, so it's not possible to deposit "semi-transparent" ink. This can result in disappointing rendering, a factor to be taken into account.

Print on demand constraints

All products are printed by humans (all nice, but humans nonetheless). We place your products on moving trays, manually. We make sure that they are always placed in the same way, but the strength of print on demand is also a sensitive point: there can be slight variations in placement between 2 products.


International delivery and 100% plastic-free packaging.

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