The 2023 e-commerce dates not to be missed (+ marketing calendar to download for FREE)

O joy, here is 2023! Discover without further delay the many e-commerce events of the year.

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We have a riddle for you...

When you have nothing new to talk about, how do you remind your audience that your brand exists?

What's the perfect tool to find THE moment to promote your gift catalog and then watch your sales explode?

The answer is two words, nineteen letters.

No, not spaghetti bolognese.

We're talking about the marketing calendar!

Useful to punctuate an e-commerce strategy throughout the year, it is the essential of successful online sellers.

Don't have one for 2023? That's just what you need: we've prepared one for you with love (and a graphic design software too).

Find all the major dates* of the year in complete and downloadable version (and canon) just below, or synthesized a little further down...

Ready for 2023? You're going to kill it!

*We wanted to put all your birthdays but there was no room.


January 6: Epiphany

January 16: Blue Monday

January 22: Chinese New Year

January 23: World Community Managers Day


February 2: Candlemas

February 13: Galentine's Day (Valentine's Day with friends)

February 17: Spontaneous Kindness Day

February 20: Family Day

February 21: Mardi Gras


March 8: International Women's Rights Day

17 March: St Patrick's Day

March 20: 1st day of spring

March 31: Earth Hour


April 11: Siblings' Day

April 15: World Art Day

April 22: Earth Day

April 27: International Denim Day

April 29: International Dance Day


May 3: World Sun Day

May 14: Mother's Day (Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada)

May 15: Bike to Work Day

May 25: International Geek Day

May 28: Pentecost


June 4: Mother's Day (France)

June 5: World Environment Day

June 8: Best Friends Day

June 14: Father's Day (Belgium)

June 30: World Social Networking Day


July 1: Start of the Tour de France

July 2: International UFO Day

July 11: World Population Day

July 21: National holiday of Belgium

July 24: International Cousins Day


August 4: International Beer Day

August 10: World Lion Day

August 13: World Left-handedness Day

August 21: World Entrepreneurs' Day

August 28: International Bow Tie Day


September 5: World Day of Charity

September 13: Positive Thinking Day

September 16: Start of the Oktoberfest

September 22: World Car Free Day

September 23: 1st day of autumn


Fair Trade Month

October 4: World Animal Welfare Day

October 6: World Smile Day

October 19: A day to get to know your customers

October 29: Changeover to winter time


November 11: Singles' Day

November 12: Diwali

November 23: Thanksgiving (USA)

November 27: Cyber Monday

November 30: National Day in Scotland


December 5: International Volunteer Day

December 10: International Human Rights Day

December 13: World Raclette Day

December 22: First day of winter

December 31: Saint Sylvester