New products for a good start to the year

Happy New Year 2020! We're off to a great start with the announcement of new products...

Print on demand: French Shopify application.

Thank you

Thank you for a great 2019: you guys have been great.

We wish you all the best for the New Year.

May 2020 bring you health, happiness and professional success.

2019 was already great: we've seen many of you grow and be successful, 2020 should be great.

For our part, despite an excessively busy end to the year, we managed to keep up the pace and it went off without a hitch.

However, we have learned a lot from this experience, which will enable us to continue to deliver to your customers on time.

New products

As you know, we are cautious about adding products.

We do not offer all the references on the market for simple reasons: we only want to offer products that are perfectly printable (which is why we do not offer red, for example, the nightmare of printers) and for which we are certain that the stock will not fail.

We've been testing a lot of products over the last few weeks, so we'll be able to gradually add them to the application, FOR YOUR BLESSING.

We start the year with the new ceramic mugs

Our premium white ceramic mug has been a big hit this year, so let's go crazy, we now offer it in 5 new colours: black, pink, blue, green and red.

Mugs in print on demand.

They are always of excellent quality: their whiteness is perfect, in contrast to the models that can be seen on many sites.

Of course they are shipped as always in shockproof cardboard boxes.

The surprise...

Since you have been so good to us, we have decided to make a huge price cut on the white mug, which loses 1.50 €: it goes from 8.30 € to 6.80 € TTC

The mugs from colors are cheaper than the old white mug price (just keep up...): 7.50 € TTC

Isn't life great?

Keep an eye on your email, more news will be announced in the coming days, it's going to be great.

Thank you again for your confidence,

your team that loves you.