Why should you try corporate gifting with POD?

Hip hip hoo-raise your employee experience standards with corporate gifts and apparel.

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Ah... Long gone are the days when we were looking for the job of a lifetime! Fresh out of school, our parents' generation would leave their handwritten CVs somewhere, get a permanent job in a grey office and only leave 50 years later, after a retirement party with half-inflated balloons and a dry cake.

Now, HR personnel, managers and CEOs are faced with a challenge: generations Y (born between 1980 and 1995) and Z (born after 1995) are clearly more and more demanding of their employers. Personal development and fulfillment, the quest for professional happiness: these are concerns that are becoming more and more important to young workers...

This is not to scare you, but with this culture of choice, it's a real competition that is now played between companies! You will have to react and redouble your ingenuity to attract and retain your valued employees.

To do this, there is a great tool that we wanted to tell you about...

Branded corporate gifts

We're talking here about corporate branded goodies, destined for your employees. Whether it is a practical accessory for everyday use (pencil pouch, mug) or a textile product that can be used as a uniform (t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie), the production of these gifts is not only perfectly in line with Print on Demand...

But also EXTREMELY efficient to boost your relationships with your current and potential employees!

Okay, but how?

Follow along as we explore it all together.

To welcome newcomers

Create your own quality organic products to reward your employees with TPOP.

Have you ever heard of the notion ofonboarding?

This expression refers to the integration period of a new employee in a company. We're telling you: this moment is absolutely decisive for the employee's future in the company! Just because the contract has been signed does not mean that everything is in the bag.

This point, statistics are here to underline: according to a study dating from 2014, 4% of new employees leave their position after only 24H. Even more worrying: one in five employees resigns after 3 months on the job!

How to avoid this? By pampering your new hire! If we take the airplane metaphor from the term onboarding, you'll have to provide him with 1st class care. Otherwise, he or she may want to jump out of the plane.

A great way to pamper your new employee is to give them a welcome kit. This is a set of branded corporate products, which will be offered to an employee in the days following his arrival. The biggest companies in the world have understood their interest, since they are numerous to use it: among them, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Nike, as we can see below.

Have your welcome kits and promotional gifts printed under white label with TPOP.
Source: Nike.

We're not asking you to give them a pair of the latest headphones, an iPhone and a SUV, but a nice combination of small gifts (a mug, a tote-bag and a pouch, for example) can have a big impact on their comfort and well-being in their new job. This is due to a simple psychological phenomenon: everyone likes to receive gifts. It makes you feel recognized and appreciated... This inevitably brings the recipient closer to the sender!

And we know it: welcoming a new employee is a costly affair for the employer. But the employee doesn't know that. Offering him a welcome kit is a more tangible way to show him that you are investing in his good looks.

But also to retain former employees

Give a warm welcome to new employees, yes, but let's not forget those who are already here! They carry your company and make it flourish, they get out of bed in January at -8° to join it: these efforts deserve to be recognized. Moreover, it would be wrong to spoil the newcomers and neglect the old ones, both in the eyes of the latter and the former.

It is perfect to show that they are not forgotten, but also to reward their hard work: for a special occasion (such as a carefully managed deadline) or for no particular reason, the corporate gift will be an excellent way to show that the efforts of your employees do not go unnoticed. Plus, it will most likely cost you less than a raise or a bonus... But shhhh, you don't want to say that.

There is a subject that comes up a lot in the last few years: remote working. Globally forced into existence by you-know-what (it's still too fresh to talk about it), it's a way of working that's becoming more and more important in our society. If your company has remote workers, the custom gift will be a great way to maintain human contact and show your trust, even from a distance!

To boost your corporate culture

Boost your company's reputation with promotional products and gifts.

Corporate culture is literally the DNA of a company: it encompasses its values, traditions, standards... In short, everything that makes it unique! If your company organizes a monthly limbo contest and your open space has hammocks and a mini-golf course, first of all, congratulations, you work for a start-up, but more importantly, know that all this is part of your corporate culture.

This brings us to the umpteenth quality of corporate gifts... They will be a great ally to give a nice boost to your corporate culture. With sustainable products, for example, you will underline your commitment to the environment; quality products, on the other hand, will refine your reputation as a premium employer. Oh, what a nice coincidence that these products are in our catalog. Corporate gifts can also be tailored to your niche, such as the ideal personalized water bottle for employees of a sports company.

"That's all well and good, but what's it for?"

We knew you'd ask that question.

Let's face it, company culture is a BIG factor in employee wellness and therefore retention. According to a study, companies with a pronounced corporate culture have a turnover rate of only 13.9%, compared to 48.4% for those without. Mind you, it goes even further: another study asked employees to rate the overall qualities (collaboration, work environment, mission) of their company, and those in a company with a strong culture rated it 20% higher than others.

Boom. You know what you have to do, right? Being generous has never paid off so well.

To federate your team with a uniform

Print on demand: tips for improving your company's employee experience with TPOP.

Erasing the differences between two seemingly opposite employees may seem complicated. Yes, between Laetitia, a saleswoman, manicurist and reality TV enthusiast, and Alain, a maintenance worker who sings George Brassens covers at the PMU on weekends, there seems to be a gulf.

However, a valuable partner can help you bring together the most divergent profiles... It's the business suit! It will reinforce the team spirit of your employees and will generally facilitate the understanding between your recruits. With no external signs of differentiation, there is less room for competition, more for empathy and identification! All this will contribute to the feeling of well-being of your troops... And well-being means productivity, but above all, finding your team in a good mood, and that is priceless. Well, yes: the cost of team outfits, but that's a pittance.

Now we know: corporate gifts are essential for any company wishing to boost its reputation as an employer. That's fine. But how do you go about it?

We advise you to use the Print on Demand system, simply because it is the ideal solution for corporate products. We won't argue with that! There are three main reasons for this:

  • It is a system that allows the printing of small quantities, and who says small quantities says less financial investment... ;
  • ... But also less space to clutter up with boxes of unused products;
  • Thanks to orders , the POD lets you create customized products (with the names of employees of your choice, for example) at no additional cost.

So, are you curious? To take action, nothing could be easier!

Create your business products in 4 easy steps

Step 1: I create my TPOP account

Already have an account with us? You can go directly to step 2: no need to collect them like stamps (or Diddl paper, depending on your generation).

Otherwise, it's easy: just go to the platform to register with an e-mail and a password, click on the validation link received by e-mail, and you're officially among us! Welcome, it's a pleasure to meet you here.

You will then have to make a few small adjustments: for this, we have prepared some video tutorials some time ago, for the information of your personal information as for the configuration of your payment method.

Step 2: I choose my products carefully

As mentioned earlier, it's a good idea to make a product choice that is consistent with your corporate culture. Does your team take dipping pastries in coffee as seriously as an Olympic discipline? In that case, the mug will be a perfect choice. Is the environmental cause a collective concern for you? Then why not opt for a customized tote bag? There are many ways to express your company's personality.

To give you a little boost of inspiration, we've put together a hit parade of the products most often customized by companies:

Step 3: I create my products

The time for your creativity to shine has arrived! With your logo or visual in the best possible quality, you'll be able to see your future corporate gifts take shape before your amazed eyes (no, exaggeration is not our thing). For more details, we let you follow this carefully designed video guide.

You would like to offer mugs to your team but you are afraid that everyone will get confused with identical mugs? Want to thank Helen in accounting for handling a deadline so well? Think about product customization! It's free and it adds an important emotional value in the eyes of the recipient. To activate this option, simply check the "Customizable product" option on the product creation page.

Step 4: I place my manual order

You're at the end of the tunnel, which was so short that it's more like an arch.

Your corporate designs can be ordered manually in 5 minutes flat, thanks to our print on demand platform, by following this simple guide:

How can I order samples quickly and easily? - TPOP Knowledge Base
You're 99% sure that your products are great and you want to know for sure? We understand, but no matter what the resolution of your screen, it will

Once your order is complete, you'll see that everything can go very fast! We print and ship your products within 2 to 3 business days, that's how efficient we are...
That's how efficient we are... Even if it was sloppy, but you'll see, it's not junk: our platform is known for its printing quality. Not to brag, of course. It wouldn't be like us.

If you're rushed into a routine, the job can quickly lose its meaning to an employee... Why all the effort? For the salary? Yes, except that the salary loses its substance: it seems immaterial and most of it ends up being spent on constraints.

Offering your employees corporate gifts is like helping them get their heads out of the keyboard to show them how much their contribution is valued. All this for a handful of clicks and euros... That's what we call a bargain.