How to boost your sales for Father's Day?

A great opportunity to optimise your turnover and make people happy. At the same time.

The best products and gifts for Father's Day.

Every year, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, an ideal date to get together in the right way: with joy, good humour, the smell of good grilled meat and, why not, a profusion of lovingly printed gifts.

Statistically, Father's Day is a more low-key affair than Mother's Day a few weeks earlier, but it's still a real highlight for your brand, with as many as 40% of this year's gifts being ordered online. Similarly, the clothing sector is undoubtedly one of the buyers' favourites for this occasion, as around 20% of this year's gifts will come directly from it.

All these arguments lead you to a clear conclusion: Father's Day is an excellent opportunity to highlight your brand and boost your sales. Let's take a look at the best ways to get the best possible results.

1 / Define your targets and adapt your proposal

Several essential questions will mark the launch of your campaign: who will be the buyer of your products, a proud wife or the kids of the father in question? What are his tastes and interests? Don't hesitate to segment your offer according to various categories of father figures; Daddy Gamer, Daddy Nature, Daddy Sportsman... In addition, our varied range will allow you to best meet the needs of each of these categories: for example, a printed water bottle will be the ideal gift for any Sports Dad to stay hydrated during his daily exercise.

2 / From the guide to the gift boxes, accompany your customer for an efficient purchase

Ever more distracted and busy, we all sometimes need a little boost. With a large proportion of Father's Day gifts being ordered in the two weeks leading up to the day, it's clear that consumers won't have a minute to lose; give them the gift of saving time by offering gift sets or a guide to the items most likely to please their dear dad.

3 / Your best friend: webmarketing

How to sell for Father's Day

Last but not least: once your campaign is launched, remember that only active communication about your marketing actions will make your hard work pay off. Therefore, we advise you to notify your audience as soon as possible on your various social network profiles, without forgetting the traditional (but still effective) Newsletter. For an ironclad web marketing strategy, don't hesitate to create a sense of urgency among your customers by providing them with a promotional coupon with a limited validity period.

(Almost) any way you can appeal to your potential customers, and as we have just seen, Father's Day is a great opportunity to implement a brand new, personalised and effective strategy. Now it's up to you to apply the good tips we've just given you and fly on your own, and remember: we're proud of you in every case.

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