The dropshipping business model

An article to shed light on this mysterious term that we hear a lot about.

The dropshipping business model - TPOP Print on demand app

What is dropshipping?

Let's start at the beginning: before getting into the heart of the matter, i.e. how the application works, let's look at the definition of "dropshipping".

This word of Anglo-Saxon origin refers to a business model based on a direct relationship between three parties: distributor, supplier and customer.

What does Wikipedia tell us about this?

Dropshipping is "a tripartite system where the customer (your customer) places an order on the distributor 's (you) website, which transmits the order to the supplier (us), who takes care of the delivery and manages the stocks.

Are you still here?

It will be clearer with a diagram:

Schema explaining how dropshipping works.

Normally you will exclaim: "this is great, so I don't have to buy the goods in advance and store them at home!"

Exactly! No more worries about cash flow and storage.

You can even exclaim once more: "I don't even have to take care of the shipping!" because yes, we also take care of sending the orders to your customers.

Isn't that great?

Here are the advantages of dropshipping with TPOP:

  1. Zero investment
  2. No stock management
  3. No packaging or shipping to deal with
  4. Unlimited experimentation with new products
  5. More time for marketing and communication

Let's go through each point again:

1 / Zero investment

With our application you don't have to pay for printed products in advance: you will only be invoiced after your customer has placed an order on your website.

Example: Your customer buys a printed mug from you and you set the price at €22. When your customer has paid you, we automatically deduct the cost of the mug (€8.30) and delivery (€6.80).

This way you cannot run a deficit, you get your commission/margins (your selling price - your purchase price) directly when the order is placed.

2 / No stock to manage

You don't need to stock up on goods: we take care of it. We offer a wide range of products: t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, cushions, pouches or bags.

We store the vast majority of them in our workshop in the South of France.

So you can test the success of your visuals on each of these products without taking any risks: we print on demand, only when the order is placed. Isn't that great?

3 / No packaging, no more shipping chores

Packing of a parcel.

Leave that part to us, we love it.

Another important advantage of dropshipping is that you don't have to manage the packaging and shipping of your products. No need to invest in boxes, envelopes or bubble wrap!

We'll take care of that too. Yes, we do.

Thanks to our experience in online sales, we have studied and selected the best packaging both in terms of quality and durability. We want to protect orders as much as possible, but also to make your customer happy when his package arrives at home. For this, each product is pampered and packaged with love and care and without any plastic, and that, believe us, is our hobby.

Then, beyond the packaging, you also have to take into account the shipping which is not an easy task. We take care of the delivery and shipping of your orders everywhere in France and Europe (soon internationally we promise).

We save you all the hassle of shipping (tedious creation of a pro account, trips to the post office etc.)

If there is any problem with the shipment (loss or breakage), we will contact the carrier and solve the problem.

4 / Unlimited experimentation

We offer several types of products within the application: t-shirt, sweatshirt, bag, poster, mug or cushion and we don't intend to stop there.

As the weeks go by, we are adding other types of products to be personalised: we want you to be successful, and that means diversifying the products for sale.

This way, there is nothing to stop you from offering new products on your site.

If it's a success, great, and if it doesn't take, it's not a big deal, the important thing is to be able to try new media to sell your visuals.

5 / More time

Even if it is the last one on the list, this advantage is ultra important: while we print and ship your orders, you will be able to put all your energy and time into developing a communication strategy around your shop and your products.

If you are new to this part, go to the member's area, where you will find tips on how to create ad campaigns on Facebook and the various social networks.

We also provide you with tips on how to make your site more attractive and how to create a climate of trust around your products. This way, you will improve your conversion rate quickly...

Who is this business model for?

Dropshipping is not especially interesting for companies that manufacture or order in large quantities.

Dropshipping is mainly a good choice for people who are just starting out in the e-commerce sector or launching their brand.

It is easy to identify winning products and define a sales strategy without taking any financial risks.

Go ahead, we'll pamper you.

Dropshipping made in France.

Convinced? Our application is for you.