The bibs are now available

Discover the bibs, a new product available in the app.

Hops, bibs are now available - TPOP Print on demand app

Wow, the bibs are available!

After a long period of testing we are happy to say that the bib model we have selected is really top notch.

We have all been eating with the bibs for 2 weeks and they are great to wear.

Super soft to the touch, excellent finish, 100% organic cotton, ethically made, it's a great product.

The print area is not necessarily huge, but the textile lends itself well to colors .

This product being light, the delivery cost is modest ( 2.22 € ), allowing you a comfortable margin.

You will find them in the "accessories" part of the application, the product sheet is here.

Like all other products we keep the bibs in stock for faster printing and shipping than beep-beep (the over 30s will understand 😉 ).

A fast and efficient print-on-demand service.