July 2023 - TPOP News

Do you like new things? It's rhetorical. Everyone does. Discover the latest... But also those to come, right here!

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Adding new features to TPOP while we were stabilizing V3 was a bit like making a plate of pancakes in a house on fire.

No, it's not urgent, but it tastes so good.

Our dev team put a lot of effort into V3 (we promised them a great laser game evening). But with an update of this scale, it was impossible to avoid a few bugs. But adding new features? Not necessary. But we did it anyway... Why?

Because we know you don't just want it to work, you want it to kick ass.

For you, the dreamer, the lover of surprises, we've prepared a summary of the new features of the last few weeks... But not only that: for the more curious, we've also put together a summary of what's coming up next. Climb into the passenger seat! We don't have air conditioning, but we'll open the doors.

The personalized message in the orders

Sell online easily and for free with TPOP
"Congratulations on your graduation!"
"I love you"
"Sorry I finished all your cheese"

In life, lots of important messages come with little gifts. So we've decided to add a feature personalized message for your customers, so that the lucky recipients receive their little words printed directly on the slip slipped into the package... Say it with flowers, they say. Well, we'd like to come up with a slogan of our own that's a lot more to the point: say it with TPOP's personalized message option. But we'd have copyright problems, so we don't.

Don't you know the best part? This option is free for all: no subscription required.

Facebook chat integrated into the store

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Clicks are like tomato slices on hamburgers: the fewer, the better.
So, to minimize the number of clicks your customers make (and the obstacles to purchase, at the same time), we've put together a great option for you to link your Facebook account to your TPOP store, and have an integrated cat appear...
All in just one minute, tops. It's as simple as "hello, how can I help you?

Free delivery in the basket

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Have you ever seen anything better than a free delivery? A free delivery announced with a little message and an EMOJI.
And not just any emoji, a gift emoji, guaranteed to provoke an instant jolt of pleasure in your customers. This option is now available to everyone in just a few clicks from your account settings, in the "Delivery" category.

New mock-ups

Customize clothes and accessories and create your own online brand with TPOP

Tin tin tiiiiin (that's superhero music): like your brand image's vigilantes, a few weeks after the release of V3 our graphics team provided us with an assortment of mock-ups for your pretty designs to curl up in.
On the menu: never-before-seen visuals of a multitude of products, from cushions to posters, some accessible to all, others reserved for subscribers. More info in this article.

Batch invoice download

Sell online easily and make money fast with e-commerce and print on demand

Invoices are so cool. If you're a fan of invoices too, you're in for a treat: our new option lets you download them all at once. It's ideal if you want to print them out to make a little booklet to read before going to bed, so you can have sweet dreams.

On the other hand, if you're not a Facturophile, this function will still come in very handy for your accounting.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, make some noise (but not too much to wake up the little one who's napping):

New products to come


Don't let its innocent little name fool you: MiniPop is going to tear down the walls of your e-commerce experience with the sheer force of its big, muscular arms. With just a simple copy/paste, this very next function will enable you to integrate one or more products from your catalog anywhere on the Internet, with the option of adding them to the shopping cart without leaving the page...

It's a real cataclysm. Catalism. A revolution. It's happening faster than you think... And it's going to be available TO - EVERYONE, subscribers or not.

External products

The phrase "last but not least" has never been more appropriate. Ever.
Here, we're talking about one of the biggest changes to the platform since its invention 7 years ago: we're going beyond Print on Demand to offer you the opportunity to sell products external to our printing service on your TPOP site.
Yes, basically, you'll be able to sell anything you want.

Paper clips? Yes.

Your Linkedin courses for young entrepreneurs in PDF format? Yes.

Macaroni boots? Yes.

We're not going to do them all, because in "anything you want" there's a lot, but you get the idea: this is big, big news we've got here.

So, are you ready for whatever's about to happen?

It's rhetorical: you're not ready. You can't be. It's going to be far too grand.

Stay tuned for the latest news. In the meantime, take care of yourself as you deserve (that is, like a king).