Your shop name and address printed on the package

The ultimate in customisation options.

New on the TPOP application, eco-friendly print on demand.

Here is a new feature :

From now on, it is your postal address and the name of your shop that will be indicated on the parcel, the TPOP address disappears completely ⚡️

This is great, because previously we used to put "Print Shop" and our address in the sender field.

This has been a complex process to implement, more complex than it looks, so we are proud of this new feature.

We are now completely invisible to your customers, in terms of branding there is nothing better, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive customisation package on the market.

And, yes, as usual, it is a free service.

Note: this option is not allowed by some countries, in which case our address will be used.

Summary of free branding options:

  1. The name of your shop + address on the package
  2. Your logo on the package
  3. Your logo on the packing slip
  4. Your social networks on the packing slip
  5. Your contact email on the packing slip
  6. You can set the color emphasis of your packing slip.
  7. You can add a personalised message to the packing slip.
  8. Automatic translation of packing slip fields according to the country of destination

Just remember to go to the "Preferences" section of TPOP to check your address, this is the one that will be used.