New (pretty) mock-ups

Chaud devant: the first in a long line of mockups for your online store.

Free, realistic mock-ups for your online custom clothing and accessories business

TPOP V3 is almost a month old...
Shall we blow out the candles together? The cake's ready, we've taken chocolate: we know it's your favorite.

This is such a momentous occasion, we couldn't not celebrate.

As proud as we are of the baby, we had no idea of the extent of your reception... You create products at an industrial pace, worthy of a poor She** employee (you know, that big fast-fashion villain with the elephantine carbon footprint).
We're glad you're enjoying it, but we hope you're taking breaks to sleep and drink some water now and then.

We warned you that V3 isn't set in stone: our aim was to create an easy-to-update version that would offer you regular new features. Well, we didn't wait long to prove it, because...

We've already got some brand-new mock-ups for you!

Would you like to check them out?

100% new visuals

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New 100% cotton cover and cushion mock-up

What is marketing? Yes, bravo, you've done your homework: it's touching consumers as closely as possible to how they feel. And as you know, feelings change with the seasons.

That's what we call seasonal marketing: adapting to your customers' current state of mind! And right now, let's be clear, your customers want to lock themselves in an office about as much as they want to fold a fitted sheet or eat endives with ham. They don't want to. They want to be on vacation at the beach!

That's why we've come up with a few mock-ups with a doughnut scrunchie vibe, the smell of shea butter and sand getting lodged everywhere.

The new visuals concern these products:

  • The cushion
  • The baby bodysuit
  • The bib
  • The thick totebag
  • The ethnic totebag
  • The ceramic mug
  • The enamelled metal mug
  • The bottle
  • The posters

Now, just imagine: a graphic designer from TPOP, concentrating, glasses on nose, placing an element of a mock-up to the millimeter, stomach rumbling in anticipation of his lunch break. He's impatient. Impatient to eat his quiche, yes, but especially to see his creations help a whole host of entrepreneurs... Including you!

That's exactly what happened with each of these models, as they were ALL, ALL designed by us. It's a hell of a lot better than using impersonal mock-ups: customers may be distracted, but they're bound to have questions after seeing photos of the same lady on different websites.

We're not doing it to them.

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This batch of exclusive models is sure to please everyone: some are reserved for our subscribers, but we've also thought of free users.

What could be more original? Impossible. Unless you take your own photos, but last time I checked, that's not in your plans (that's why you're here, isn't it?).

Hey, do you know what time it is?

It's time to test the new models without further ado...