New version... New products !

Cataclysm on the catalog approaching... And in a very, VERY good way.

Best selection of quality eco-friendly products to customize with your designs on TPOP

Does "V3" of TPOP mean anything to you?

Oh you know, it's not a big deal...

It's just a little revolution. Something that will change your e-commerce experience. Something you might even be looking forward to more than your own brother's wedding (it's his second anyway).

So, really, it's not a big deal.

Let's summarize! This is a MAJOR update of the platform, online very soon - around the beginning of May 2023. What's on the agenda? A brand new customizer, new print slots including the famous recto/verso, the possibility to create your FREE store directly on the site, in short: everything we talked about in the article specially dedicated to this next version...

The new version in approach
We can't wait! We can't wait! We can't wait!

Because apparently this profusion of new products wasn't enough, we decided for your and your customers' benefit to give our product line a makeover.
Makeover? Yes, well, at this point it's a change of identity with a wig and fake papers.

We offer you new products, of course, but also a completely new approach to presentation...

Come on, grab your hot drink, sink into a soft armchair, we'll explain everything!

New: the products are now neutral!

No need to call in your best private investigator: you won't find a manufacturer's brand in our new catalog. The products are now neutral! Our goal? To put you and your brand in your place. That is to say, to the front of the stage, why not under a shower of confetti and a thunder of applause. You're too good to let another business steal the spotlight! You'll see: neutral products give you a feeling of even greater ownership of your products, which is very pleasant.

Another reason, more technical this time: we want to avoid stock-outs at all costs... These nasty out-of-stock situations, frustrating for you and your customers, take away the control of your range, but who's the boss? Of course you are. From now on, each reference has its own set of replacements, ready to succeed the previous products without affecting production. It's like a sleight of hand, only better, because it makes you money.

Well, we can of course tell you which brands are selected for the catalog, no secret between us: we tell each other everything! For example, to tell you everything, we like to sing Elton John in the shower. Oh yes, sorry, you weren't here for that. In our catalog, you will find as on the first day the manufacturers Stanley/Stella, Mantis or Kariban, but also the newcomer on the organic textile market, Native Spirit!

In any case, you know, we will ALWAYS select brands that bet onSustainability and quality. Since the first day of the TPOP adventure, our priority is to sort our products according to these two criteria. Spoiler alert: this will never change. It's our trademark, plain and simple! What we can't wait for you to try. We can already imagine you with eyes brighter than the sun or the pectorals of a Californian body-builder...

4 product categories

A spring cleaning was necessary: it's the season, after all. So here it is: the catalog is now divided into 4 categories to suit all budgets, always with the best quality/price ratio imaginable...


Eco-friendly products made of organic cotton and recycled polyester for your e-commerce brand
From left to right: Change men's tank top and Change women's t-shirt

On the surface? The Change category is the most accessible in terms of price. Don't be fooled by its entry-level position: we don't sacrifice quality! Here you'll find essential silhouettes, well-cut, with a pleasant feel and well-crafted finishes... All for a very low price!

And if you scratch the surface a little... We find your next gesture for the planet.

This range composed entirely of cotton in conversion: a cotton previously conventional, becoming organic. Because, no, this transition does not happen in a snap of fingers: a field usually takes 3 years to be recognized as organic. During those three years, the farmer will not be compensated for the investment he or she has made to get this change going. The kind of thing that would make anyone cold...

That's where (triumphant hero music) the in-conversion cotton comes in to change the game: this designation allows a fairer remuneration of the farmers who have decided to take the step.

Promoting these products is therefore directly encouraging the transition to organic farming - a real gesture for the planet. Much nicer than when you turned your heating down to 17° this winter. So, do you understand better the title of the category now?

For those who want to learn more about cotton in conversion, you're in luck: we had prepared an article on the subject some time ago. Read it here...

Cotton in conversion, an innovation soon available on TPOP
An exclusivity that will get (cot)tons of love.


Best print on demand service for your online clothing brand
From left to right: Premium women's T-shirt, Hoodie unisex for kids Premium

As the name of this category indicates, you will find here real nuggets. However, no, you're not dreaming, this is our most accessible organic range! We just couldn't call it anything else, because it's really the bomb. Our mission here? It was to hunt for products that could make nature-friendly e-commerce accessible to all budgets. The least we can say is that we came back from the hunt victorious...

What a booty! We unveil here a selection of flagship products entirely eco-responsible, in organic or recycled textile. The cuts are splendid, the materials all soft, the delicate finishes. Everything leads us to believe that you will love it.

Premium +

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From left to right: Hoodie unisex oversize Premium + and men's T-shirt with free edges Premium +

If the Premium category is the cream of the crop, imagine this one is the cream of the truffle crop. Or chocolate, depending on your taste, but you get the idea: it's the elite of customizable products.

Just as eco-friendly and ethical as the first category, these products are distinguished by their often higher weight but also by many details of manufacturing archi-soigné. The result? Products with even more coverage and resistance, designed to last over time and keep a place of choice in the closets of your customers.

You will also note the wide range of cuts (and their colors) that we offer here: the classics of textiles such as the t-shirt and hoodie are alongside more fashionable, contemporary silhouettes such as a brand new loose tank top for women or the oversized t-shirt for men. The interest? Targeting specific audiences with original pieces. Welcome to the even more trendy side of graphic textiles, make yourself at home, there are croissants and coffee still warm...


The best products at the best price for your custom clothing brand online in print-on-demand with TPOP
From left to right: Oversized unisex Pro sweatshirt Made in Portugal and Hoodie Unisex Pro "Dip Dye".  

We'd give you the moon. We really would. We tried, and it was a very long road. So instead, we decided to offer new services to our users. Get ready: they're coming with the next version, too, and they'll be available through a subscription system!

The final tier of the subscription, called the "Pro" offer... It's simple, think of it as an entry ticket to the VIP corner of e-commerce. Among its benefits? Access to an ENTIRE category of exclusive products. Yes yes yes.

Quality? Stunning. Eco-responsibility? Absolutely. But that's not all: the idea was also to provide access to seasonal, sometimes even niche, pieces that were even more deeply rooted in the current trend. The dream to stand out from the competition.

On the menu of this first arrival? Pieces between beauty and rarity like the hoodie oversized Dip dye and its colors pop ombré but not only... We also offer you the possibility to aim even more ecological with two products Made in Portugal. Here is a nice short circuit, so short that we could do it in skate. And we don't know how to skateboard, that's for sure. As far as social ethics are concerned, you can imagine that it's also the best.

We are so proud to be able to offer you products as unique as you are, if you only knew...

To sum up, what's new?

Already, of course, new references like a super hot loose tank top for women or a hoodie unisex oversize to boost the swag capital of anyone at 2000% ...

But also more variety for the models already present in the catalog! Starting with new shades, to titillate your creative spirit, but also more sizes (up to 4XL for some pieces) to make your catalog more inclusive.

For the details of each addition, see the release of version 3. We are EXPLOSING with anticipation. Well, almost - we're holding back as long as we can because if we didn't, there'd be no one left to take care of your brand and remind you how fabulous you are.

We can't give you a date but you will be informed on social networks as soon as this version is online... You don't follow us ? Hard blow. Fortunately, it's an easy fix:

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See you soon.