Welcome to the replacement for the B&C unisex sweatshirt

All new and beautiful: welcome the Stanley/Stella Roller.

The organic Roller sweatshirt, by Stanley/Stella, to be customised with TPOP.

The sweatshirt is one of those iconic pieces that seems to have always been part of our landscape: from the 70s to today, from the flamboyance of disco fever to minimalist streetwear, the sweatshirt never seems to let go of us - and that's good.

A premium Print On Demand product that allows you to reserve a good margin, it will keep your customers warm on cooler evenings or during the day, under a jacket, to face the winter temperatures: it would seem that this new product is just in time for the end of the year, characterised by a resurgence in sales of sweatshirts and other long sleeves of all kinds. Could this be a happy coincidence or a conscious choice?
In any case, we're keeping our fingers crossed that your sales will benefit.

At TPOP, our two main missions can be summed up simply: to offer you the best Print On Demand services and to limit our impact on our gentle planet as much as possible.
With this new model in our catalogue, replacing the unisex sweatshirt designed by B&C, let's say it right away: we're happy to have killed two birds with one stone. So please welcome the famous newcomer in good form:

The Roller, a unisex sweatshirt designed by Stanley/Stella

Unisex and organic, the Roller sweatshirt by Stanley/Stella will look great in your POD catalogue.

This iconic piece comes to us straight from Stanley/Stella, one of our long-time textile suppliers, with strong values of innovation and protecting the planet at the heart of its brand identity.

Let's be clear: the Roller is the pinnacle of the round-neck sweatshirt, and we mean it. A must-have for every wardrobe, it is a perfect candidate for the coveted role of your customers' favourite sweatshirt. Let's take a look at the many qualities of this new product.

The Roller has the great advantage of being perfectly unisex: it combines a round neck with a classic, well-balanced cut, which will suit both men and women and will allow you to simplify your catalogue by combining two offers in one. Trust us, "less is more" could not be truer in the world of e-commerce.

You're sure to love the infinitely soft feel of the brushed fleece and the many smart finishes, such as the half-moon seam, ribbed hem, set-in sleeves, and a welt for maximum comfort. These many fine details attest to the impeccable quality of this product and clearly give it a premium status that cannot help but work in your brand's favour.

The Roller sweatshirt by Stanley/Stella is a new product that respects the planet and people.

The big, huge bonus of this choice item is its environmentally friendly composition. This is a major point for us, as the addition of such a product to our catalogue brings us closer to a 100% organic range.

Indeed, the Roller has a very clean mix of 85% spun and combed organic cotton, which requires far less water to grow than conventional cotton, and 15% recycled polyester from PET plastic bottles. This product also benefits from a large number of labels attesting to its ecological and ethical production:

The Roller sweatshirt has been certified as being environmentally and ethically friendly.

You will notice that he is the proud holder of the GOTS label, certifying the entirely organic character of his textile, the Fair Wear certification, advocating better working conditions for the employees of the textile industry, the Oeko-Tex, guaranteeing the absence of any problematic substance during the manufacturing process, as well as the VEGAN label awarded by the famous association Peta, ensuring that no animal has been used for the production of this piece. You're beginning to know us: you can imagine that all these environmentally friendly criteria immediately made us very, very happy.

You can rest assured that this pretty nugget from Stanley/Stella is offered at the same price as its predecessor, i.e. €17.15 excluding VAT. A great deal.

You'll also be pleased to know that nothing has changed on the other levels, as this piece is available in the same five sizes, from S to 2XL, and in the same colours, i.e. black, white and mottled grey. The weight of the Roller is also 280g, just like the previous model in our catalogue: enough to wrap up your dear customers without making them sweat, in short, the perfect balance. The great, great thing about this change is that you simply don't have to do anything: it's all done automatically, without you having to lift a finger.
It's nice to see how simple things can be in life.

The sweatshirt is a staple in any clothing shop, a timeless silhouette that has stood the test of time without ever going out of style.
Minimalist and stylish, this one has a printable surface that is simply perfect for showcasing your designs. It is therefore quite natural that we offer you this great classic in our catalogue, selected with care and love to meet multiple strict criteria such as quality, the right cut and respect for the environment.

We hope you enjoy this outing as much as we do, and that the inspiration is flowing, T-Partners!