Oh the lovely delivery charges here!

Change is now.

Print on Demand parcel delivery charges.

Shipping costs are evolving.

Some of you have already noticed it through your wanderings on the site: we have prepared new delivery charges for you.

To tell you the truth, it was a HUGE job...

First of all, you should know that this is the first time in the history of the TPOP application that the delivery charges have been modified despite all the increases made by the transport companies.

The first time, yes yes.

We have absorbed all postal increases since the launch of the application.

A new calculation method and a new grid are being introduced.

This grid makes it possible to facilitate the calculations and to propose a fairer tariff whatever the destination of the products: a new calculation method has been put in place.

As the price list has changed, some prices have been increased (this is not within our control), but in many cases delivery will now be cheaper.

From now on, the calculation method will take into account a reference product; a fixed cost will be added according to the additional products.

Each product will thus have two delivery rates:

  • the "1st product" price
  • the "additional product" price

Thus, in the case of an order containing only one product, the delivery rate will be that of the first product.

In the case of an order containing several products, we will use the "1st product" rate of the product with the highest "1st product" rate and then add the "additional product" rate of each additional product.

Examples (all prices are exclusive of VAT):

  1. Order 1: 1 mug shipped to France. The price will be 4.80 € ("1st product" price).
  2. Order 2: 1 mug + 1 t-shirt + 1 pocket. The price will be 4.80 € ("1st product" price of the mug) + 1 € ("additional product" price of the t-shirt) + 0.80 € ("additional product" price of the pouch) i.e. a total of 6.60 € for 3 products.

A world grid hanging on the health crisis

The world grid will soon, we hope, be subject to an overall reduction in rates.

Indeed, many countries (US, Canada, Japan, Australia etc...) are now imposing an excessively costly air surcharge - temporary, linked to the COVID-19 crisis - on which we have no means of action.

Tracked delivery everywhere and for everyone

This has been a "sore point" since the launch of the application, we were giving the choice between tracked or untracked delivery.

All orders will now be shipped with a tracking system in order to avoid complaints from your customers, so each package will have a tracking number.

The icing on the cake is that delivery with tracking is less expensive than before, thanks to new rates negotiated with the carriers.

In any case, we always try to offer you the most favourable shipping rates.

Shipping products within the European zone with tracking is really inexpensive, so you can enjoy the joys of international sales.

Perfect, isn't it?

You are now ready to set up your new delivery costs, if you wish. In your online shop, you can choose to have your delivery made according to weight or according to the price of the order.

Sometimes you will lose, sometimes you will gain, depending on how many rules you set up.

"That's all well and good, but when is this change coming?"

The changes will take effect on 9 November 2020, so remember to make the changes in your shop by then (unless you are already on a package or free delivery).

You will find the new prices and the new calculation method on the delivery page of the website.

Be strong and take care of yourself!

P.S.: Oh, yes, by the way...

The new grid is also set up to integrate as well as possible with the new WONDERFUL version of the application, which will be released in a few days. But shhh, we didn't tell you.