Personalise your parcels with a branded sticker inside

New: you can now personalise your parcels with a customer gift, the customised sticker with your brand.

Personalise your parcels with a branded sticker inside - TPOP Print on demand app

Work on your brand image

It's fresh, it's brand new!

We have added a new option just for you in the application: you can now offer a sticker representing your brand to your customers.

It is an excellent way to work on your branding in the long term: your customers will definitely be sensitive to it.

Print on demand is even better when you have the opportunity to showcase your brand.

To validate the option, it's simple: go to the application, section "Your information" then tick the box and send your logo.

TPOP, print on demand application made in France.

We will then print the visual sent on a top quality sticker (8 cm in diameter) and this will be slipped into the package.

An interesting and inexpensive option

If you want to stand out from the crowd by offering a warm package, this is an option to consider.

We have made sure to offer you this service at a competitive rate: €1 per package, no technical fees are charged to you.

The option is as usual non-binding, you just have to tick or untick the box to activate the option (we keep the status of the option at the time of the order).

Technical considerations

There is only one constraint: from a technical point of view, your stickers are printed in batches of 15 units, so we "advance" you the next 14 stickers.

If you activate the option and between two orders you decide to change the visual, the change will only be taken into account when you have used up your stock of already printed stickers.

Download the mock-up / template into the application, add your visual - taking care not to create a visual with too small characters - and that's all there is to it.

We also recommend that you use a light-coloured visual: avoid filling in the background with a dark color , as this makes the sticker softer and much more difficult to apply.

Please note that the sticker will always have a 5 mm white border around the edge, so as not to cut into the color, this is a standard in printing.

Branding, your brand in print on demand. Application for Shopify.

Be visible in real life.

What to put on this sticker?

Obviously, your logo, your brand. If you manage to make it a nice object that doesn't look too "advertising", you can be sure that it will be stuck in a visible place and will contribute to your notoriety.

Have you never put branded stickers on your school diaries? It is an undeniable gain in visibility.

There is nothing to stop you from adding a nice message or a discount code/coupon around the edge of it, depending on your positioning.

One step closer to celebrity, put your mark in light.

The French print-on-demand.