3 reasons to turn to Print on Demand for music merchandise

You have the rhythm in your skin, we have the printed products: we're going to form a beautiful duo.

3 reasons to turn to Print on Demand for music merchandise

First and foremost, we cannot stress enough: we are touched by the variety and immensity of the range of talents represented by our users. Giving you all a space for expression and creation is the most precious of pleasures for us. That's it: we've said it.

Amongst this group of inspired users, there are more and more musicians and music groups who want to create their own merchandising (which can also be called 'merchandise'). For players in this sector, the choice of Print on Demand is a wise one.

With music streaming making its way into our lives, the financial aspect of the lives of musical artists can become a real headache. Faced with easy and instantaneous listening on streaming platforms, physical media are finding it increasingly difficult to compete. It is also difficult to differentiate oneself and to make a mark in the face of ever more massive and inventive competition. The solution of live shows and other concerts, in these times of social distancing, is tinged with uncertainty.

There is only one major and solid way to monetise your situation as a musician: the design and sale of merchandising. Perfect for forging links with listeners and reinforcing one's image with memorable visuals, merchandising represents a source of income that is far from negligible for musical artists: for every 10% earned from the sale of media and concerts, no less than 90% of income is represented by the sale of derivative products. In short, it's the promise of not just eating pasta for an indefinite period. Exciting, isn't it?

If you want to start your own shop, the choice of Print on Demand is undoubtedly the most appropriate option. This last fact can be explained by 3 points; let's study them together.

1. No stock: save all your energy for your creative process!

First of all, you have chosen a vocation as an artist: congratulations, we wish you all the success in the world. We know very well that music is a sector that requires a lot of energy and time. You chose this field for a reason: because you have a creative mind. You or your band may enjoy the graphic design stage, but beyond that, running a traditional merchandising shop can be tedious and time-consuming; especially the stock, logistics and shipping aspects.

Fortunately, Print On Demand is there to save you the trouble. With POD, there's no stock or logistics, we take care of everything for you and ship your products under your name or your band's name. You have nothing to do but reap the benefits and let your musical imagination run wild.

Print on demand and merchandising.

2. The budget-friendly solution: zero, but really ZERO initial investment

Living from your passion is wonderful! But sometimes, let's face it, this situation can lack stability; this is particularly the case for musical artists. There are many elements that come into play and contribute to the fact that one month can show considerably different results from the previous one, and so on.

In this context, it will be good to err on the side of caution and avoid any substantial investment such as would be required to create a merchandising stock. For any artist, this method is far too risky financially and there is surely nothing more demotivating than seeing unsold merchandise gathering dust.

This is where Print On Demand proves its obvious superiority (no, we're not even exaggerating): our service allows you to sell your items on a just-in-time basis, i.e. directly at the request of your buyer. So, no investment for you, only profits: you will directly receive the margin between the initial price of the blank product we offer and the item with your visual purchased by your fan on your shop. And because nothing is too good for you, registration to our application is completely free, without subscription. You see, we weren't (really) exaggerating.

Music merchandising without a budget with print on demand.

3. TPOP: the archi-attractive choice of a wide variety of products

With POD, we are far, far away from the sale of the classic and unique T-Shirt: TPOP offers you around forty different products to customise to your liking. From the famous t-shirt to the mug and the customised cover with its cushion, you can be sure to reach a maximum number of targets by meeting all possible needs and budgets. The POD allows you to experiment without any risk.

The best part is that you can offer this variety of items without worrying about inventory management. Your best-selling product, in the most common size purchased, will never be out of stock. No more frustration for your fan of having to buy the wrong size item out of spite (or worse: not buying anything at all). All that is a thing of the past. Your online shop will always be perfectly stocked, all year round.

Setting up your own merchandising shop when you are a musician means opening up new and often welcome sources of income. It's about building a special bond with your audience, making them feel cherished and privileged, and feeling that the feeling is entirely mutual when you see them proudly display your merchandise. In short, it's one of the major steps in your musical journey, and this step happens to be perfectly compatible with the Print On Demand system. To top it all off, we have a secret to reveal to you: we are currently preparing the release of a brand new medium, we call... the famous, the magnificent, the exceptional Poster. Can you imagine your visual on your fans' walls? Yes, we can, completely.

Test (and approve) our service by following the user guide of our application available right here.