Team clothing and accessories

Team clothing and accessories, for real cohesion at work.

Customized T-shirts and accessories for your team, team-wear in print-on-demand.

Psssst! Say, have you ever thought of launching your own line of clothing and accessories at colors ?

To maintain your brand image as well as the cohesion of your community, there is simply no better solution: a product that looks like you, it is the guarantee to federate your ranks AND to reinforce your identity. This is true for companies but also for associations such as BDE, sports clubs or solidarity organizations, for regular outfits as well as for collections specially designed for a specific event.

Get ready to explore the many benefits of designing a team merchandise line. On your marks, get set... Go!

A team-booster

Customized team apparel, in print on demand, for a great atmosphere at work.

Wearing a "uniform" means feeling like part of a close-knit community. This has an influence on the teams' state of mind, on their involvement, on their feeling of belonging to the project and on their cohesion as a group. For any company, association or club, this benefit is not to be neglected since it will be a vector of success and efficiency and will deepen the feeling of unification between the members or employees. When we are all on the same page, it is much easier to feel on an equal footing.

Any occasion is a good opportunity to introduce your team wear: seminars, internal or external events, on-boarding campaigns to make new recruits feel comfortable... Without a specific date or event in sight, know that your approach is still entirely valid and full of positive promises for the future of your team.

A powerful promotional tool

If you are told "fast food giant", chances are you are already automatically reviewing a set of iconic colors palettes and typical imagery of some popular brands... This is the effect of strong branding by these brands, carefully crafted and regularly communicated. Without imagining that your objective is to reach such a notoriety, the process to follow will not vary much if you really want to reach your audience and make a mark.

In addition to having the immense advantage of federating and motivating the troops, derivative products are effective marketing tools, offering your brand or association the visibility it deserves while enhancing its visual identity. The design of such a collection represents an investment, but it is a strategic investment for the future of your project.

Print on Demand: the ideal solution for team wear

Print on demand for your corporate objects, for your personalized team t-shirts.

If creating your own line of team apparel and accessories may at first seem expensive and a little tedious, especially if you already have a busy schedule, you should know that it is not with Print on Demand... And more specifically with our offer. Our application offers you a fully automated and super easy to use service, perfectly suited for overbooked professionals and other overworked team leaders. After the graphic design stage, all you have to do is send us your file and place your manual order: we take care of the rest. Yes, it's as easy as it sounds: a real child's play.

Also, thanks to print on demand, there's no need to limit yourself to the traditional (albeit effective) t-shirt: our catalog extends far beyond that and allows your identity to be expressed in multiple forms, from the comfortable and cozy sweatshirt to the very useful and iconic mug.


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