8 trends to follow in 2022 to shine on social networks

There's no e-rest for e-reputation, truly not. Stay ahead of the game by following the 8 digital marketing trends of the year.

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Let's face it, we're not about to see the end of the social networks' reign. What was reserved for the most connected young people fifteen years ago no longer knows any limits: since 2022, more than half of the world's population is present on the networks. When even your Aunt Helen starts posting her crooked selfies on Facebook, one can't help but accept that the digital space is becoming a more and more accurate reflection of our society.

Faced with this precious visibility, brands are more and more numerous to fight for a piece of the pie... So many that these pieces actually look more like crumbs. Visible with a magnifying glass. Or even under a microscope.

We love you so much that we'd give you the moon, you know that; since we can't find a ladder high enough, we have another way to make you happy... We're going to share with you the latest trends in social networking, to see you get the exposure you deserve. Full steam ahead!

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8 trends in social networks in 2022

1. Social commerce

We told you in a previous article: smartphones are becoming THE favorite medium for online shopping. This innocent observation says a lot about our society and our habits: we want everything, as quickly and easily as possible. Could it be a lack of time? Lack of patience? Or laziness? Maybe a cocktail of these three aspects.

In any case, the trend of mobile commerce is going to be reinforced in 2022 with a great surge of social commerce - in other words, commerce directly integrated to social networks. We can now contemplate a brand's image, chat with the seller and shop in one place, a bit like a Sunday market. Convenient and tempting for no less than 98% of consumers who were planning to do their shopping on social networks at the beginning of the year... That's way too much to ignore, if you ask us. If we were you, we'd go read this Instagram and Facebook shop guide and activate our stores in the process. Just saying!

2. TikTok (still, and more than ever!)

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TikTok has changed a lot since your little cousin (you know, Chad, Helen's son) first introduced you to it with videos of bizarre choreographies. Always focused on younger generations (18-24 year olds represent 39% of its user base), we have seen its content gradually diversify to reach its current richness. A content that attracts a nice bunch of curious people: between 2018 and 2020, TikTok's user base has increased by 1157%.

To put that in perspective, in 2020, Instagram's user base went up by 6%.

A very, very impressive bunch of people, then.

A whole community that only asks for light and entertaining content, a whole community that many brands could target - without actually doing so: at the beginning of the year, only 35% of professionals had the intention to market on TikTok... The reason? Probably the relaxed atmosphere of the network, which can scare away businesses that value their credibility. However, TikTok allows brands to broadcast more casual and experimental content than usual, which can be a good way to increase its congeniality. Do you see the potential? We certainly do.

3. Customer service via social networks

"Customer Service, I'm listening! What can I do for you?"

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This situation is old school. So old school that it seems to have come straight out of a natural history museum. Yes: for a few years now, customer service has been done in writing form, by email or specialized software. No return to the past expected, but rather a migration to instant messaging on social networks... We talked about it, we're back to it: the public wants cen-tra-li-za-tion!

All in one place, yes, but also as quickly as possible, since responsiveness is the number one criterion of a good customer service for 60% of consumers; a criterion in perfect adequacy with the instantaneous side of messaging integrated into the networks. We hope that you will use it a lot, because customer service means customers, which means sales of your nice products... And you are worth it.

4. Short videos

"I'm here for you."

"I love you."

"Extra cheese, please":

All the most important messages can fit in 5 seconds, so why bother with more?

That's the general opinion, since short videos are still and more than ever the audience's favorite format. This type of content gets the most reactions: 66% of the engagement on social networks is concentrated on short videos! It's time for you to get all the visibility by playing the game. You don't have to be Steven Spielberg, I promise you: Instagram provides you with an excellent and simple tool to create terribly effective reels.

Some ideas for short videos for you, just because we're nice : unpacking video, video showing your graphic creation process, "Outfit of the day" video featuring one of your products...

5. Visibility now has a cost

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Ahhhhh, the beauty of social networks... This prodigious tool, this perfect incarnation of freedom of expression, everyone on the same footing, brands and their audiences in harmony, hand in hand, the... Oh no, wait, someone's telling us in our earpiece that things have changed a little.

Over the years, algorithms have evolved. Not always in the interest of the brands, but rather in the interest of the social networks: it's normal, they are the bosses, after all. Everyone wants to top up their incorme, and social networks are no exception to the rule.

So let's face it: now, to make sure you're seen, you have to stretch the currency. An organic post on Facebook will only reach an average of 5% of an audience! No wonder 40% of businesses indicated, in early 2022, that the decline of organic visibility and advertising budget was becoming their main marketing issue. So if your statistics worry you, don't panic: you are not alone, far from it! Investing a little money from time to time in advertising on social media can give your visibility the boost it needs.

6. Advertising everywhere, truly everywhere

As it happens: when we talk about advertising on social media, which networks come to mind?

Let us guess: it's the colts of the Meta group, Instagram and Facebook... Right?

Sure, advertising on these networks is important for your visibility to your audience, we just went through this. Except that if the majority of advertising efforts are concentrated on these two platforms, then logically, the other networks will leave a nice margin of maneuver for brands wishing to be noticed and sell a lot... The statistics largely confirm this: according to a recent study, Pinterest ads have the best ROI and are most likely to lead to a purchase. On Snapchat's side, the ads would have a better audience than some that are broadcasted on TV. No less!

So... Think outside of the box! Something tells us you won't regret it.

7. The profitability of being yourself

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In the last few years, social network advertising spaces have been multiplying like wildfire. The older among us will remember with emotion a time when this content simply did not exist... But that's the past, that's the way it is, and the public is confronted with a whole lot of advertising every day. So when they see organic publishing, they want something other than advertising: they want authenticity.

Whether you're there to sell or not (and, let's not lie, you're probably there for that), your audience doesn't want to hear about it, no thanks. More than a simple and cold commercial relationship, it's a real emotional connection that is needed. We can even go so far as to say that it's talking less about the quality of your products that has the potential to sell your products: 76% will buy from one brand over another if they feel it reflects an authentic image. That's a little ironic - just barely.

To fine-tune your connection with your audience, don't hesitate to introduce yourself, talk about your story or detail your values.

8. Memes, myself and I

If you haven't been following the Internet news for the last 10 years, let's start with a short definition. Memes are concepts (in the form of images, videos or text) massively taken up and shared on digital media: the goal? To make people laugh. A simple goal, and yet so honorable.

Memes combine several qualities that could make them your next best allies:

  • they are simple to make, since they do not require any graphic design talent;
  • They are light and funny, just what the public loves consuming without moderation;
  • They are perfect for breaking down barriers and connecting with your audience.

Explaining is good; demonstrating is better. Here are two inspiring and highly effective examples of meme marketing:

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Sources : BarkBox, Jimmy John's

When it comes to adding your two cents to the meme craze, almost anything goes: remember your target audience, make sure they understand you, and most importantly, have a blast.

Scouring the internet is no small task. It's vast and not everything is there to keep. We know you're already busy enough to do this kind of research, so it's always a pleasure for us to put our best team on the spot to give you a rundown of the latest trends to follow... We hope you'll spare a thought for your good old informants when your brand becomes devastatingly famous.

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