TPOP has a new logo!

In this article, we introduce you to the new ambassador of our platform.

Tpop, your ecological and ethical Print on Demand platform.

The summer temperatures and the influx of cherry blossom photos on Instagram may have tipped you off: yes, it's spring. What better occasion than this beautiful symbol of renewal to officially introduce our new logo?

We've been dying to unveil it, because let's face it: we love it... And we intend to explain to you point by point why it speaks to us so much!

Tpop, print-on-demand application for your personalised products.

1: Kisses, the dash!

No, you're not dreaming: after three years of loyal service, the hyphen has evaporated.

This is not an oversight on the part of the designer but a conscious choice: we wanted to make it simpler and get back to basics. Psychologically, this act also symbolises cohesion. And it's a good point for the curious and the hurried, for whom it will be a little easier and faster to find us! In short, all advantages... In any case, you had probably already understood the reference to the word "T-shirt" by now: no need to add to it.

In case you didn't know, we love nature. In fact, it's what defines us the most, along with our love of technology. Naturally, we felt the need to include our commitment toSustainability directly in our logo, a true ambassador of our platform.

This commitment is expressed through the delicate illustration of a shoot composed of three leaves. It also shows a butterfly delicately placed on the "O" of Tpop... This is a good fit for us, as it embodies our growth and constant evolution.

In terms of color, we chose a pretty turquoise shade: a perfect blend of blue, embodying accessibility, and green, symbolising the environment. Rather appropriate, isn't it? In any case, we very much hope that this is what we radiate.

3: Let's tackle Tpopgraphy!

As a graphic designer, you know: the choice of font is never left to chance. In this case, we opted for a bold typeface to best convey our fun and friendly side (in all humility, of course...). However, it's a modern typeface with no fuss thanks to its sans serif aspect. This cocktail fits particularly well with our identity!

As for color the main colour of the logo, we chose black, firstly for its obvious simplicity but also to signify our growing attraction to the world of fashion and its minimalism.

It's a real joy to announce this brand new logo, which fits perfectly with our values and what we want to convey. We can't wait to put it up absolutely everywhere, all the time. We hope you like the new look! Take care of yourself.